New Collection: Catrice Metallure Fall 2014

catrice metallure collection fall 2014 01

If you love metallic shades, you’re gonna love Metallure, the new fall collection from Catrice. It features classic colours of precious metals like gold, silver and copper, as well as fresh pink, classical red and soft white shades. The metallic design with marbled details also turns the limited Metallure packaging into a true eye-catcher.

catrice metallure collection fall 2014 02
Available in C01 Metalight, C02 Metalfusion, and C03 Metallicious.

catrice metallure collection fall 2014 05
This 2 in 1 product can be used as liquid eyeliner as well as a mascara topper thanks to its duo applicator. The black diamond texture – black with a silver metallic shimmer – is very longlasting. Available in C01 Dazzling Dark.

catrice metallure collection fall 2014 03
This baked bronzing powder with a coppery rosé gold marbling gives your face and neckline a natural-looking tan and a subtle glow. Available in C01 Shimmer Shade.

catrice metallure collection fall 2014 04
LIP COLOUR (€3.99)
Available in C01 Metalight, C02 Alluring Pink, and C03 Alluring Red.

catrice metallure collection fall 2014 06
Available in C01 Alluring Red, C02 Alluring Pink, C03 Metalight, C04 Metallicious, and C05 Metalfusion.

This collection hits counters next month. Do you plan to buy something?

Product Review: Pupa Miss Pupa Lipstick In Paradise

miss pupa paradise lipstick 01

Name: Miss Pupa Lipstick in Paradise
Brand: Pupa
Size: 2,4ml
Price: €12,00

From Pupa’s website:
On the lips, an extraordinary crystal effect, an incredible, semi-transparent wet finish and comfort without compare.

What I liked:
- subtle but buildable colour payoff
- beautiful wet finish
- smooth and moisturizing texture
- pretty packaging

What I didn’t like:
- average staying power
- packaging is not very practical

Coral lips are a must for summer. They are flattering on most skintones, beautifully complement a (fake) tan, and give a bright pop of colour to your face. If you’re hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, why not start with something sheer and juicy, like Miss Pupa Lipstick in Paradise?

miss pupa paradise lipstick 02

Paradise is a subtle coral infused with gold shimmers. Rather than making you look like a disco ball, the lipstick has a glossy and slick wet finish that just screams summer. The shimmers don’t even make the texture gritty. On the contrary, it’s smooth and creamy, and glides so easily on the lips, keeping them soft and moisturized for a couple of hours.

Paradise has a semi-transparent colour payoff. It’s not so sheer that you can hardly see the colour, but it’s never gonna become opaque and vivid, no matters how many layers you apply. It’s just a delicate, juicy colour that subtly brightens up the face. Perfect for the daytime, you can even wear it at the beach.

miss pupa lipstick bikini 02

On my lips, Paradise doesn’t last that long. After a couple of hours, it has disappeared completely. If you eat, drink, or kiss it lasts even less. Even just a quick snack will make it fade fast, forcing you to reapply it again. It’s a bummer, but then most lipstick lasts just a couple of hours on my lips.

Like the finish, the packaging is slick and shiny too. It looks very pretty and professional, but, if you own more than one shade, not very practical. That’s because the only way to figure out what the colour inside is is to check the bottom of the tube. It’s impossible to tell at a glance, which is quite annoying!

Available at: Pupa Web Shop

Miss Pupa Lipstick in Paradise is a subtle and shimmery coral with a wet-finish. The moisturizing and smooth texture glides easily on the lips, but it lasts only a couple of hours.

Rating: 4/5

New Collection: Essence Aquatix Fall 2014

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 01

Underwater beauty! essence is diving into the depths of the ocean with the trend edition “aquatix”. The beauty pieces in this trend edition are as gorgeous as the colors of crystal clear water glittering in the sun and are sure to turn all girls into stylish mermaids!

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 02
These highly pigmented, water-resistant eyeshadows in a practical pen shape create an ultra glossy finish on your eyes. The formula is enriched with glitter particles. Available in 01 Pearls are a girl’s best friend, 02 Under the sea, and 03 Mermaid’s secret.

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 03
Available in 01 Aquatix bay and 02 Mermaid’s secret.

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 05
These cute pearls in three different colours give your complexion a fresh look with a touch of shimmer. Available in 01 Oceans next top mermaid.

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 09
This mini powder brush is ideal for applying the shimmer pearls and is sure to fit into any purse. The soft bristles perfectly capture the texture and spread it smoothly on your skin. Available in 01 Mermaid’s secret.

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 04
Its longlasting, gel-based texture feels pleasant on your lips and creates beautiful glitter effects that sparkle in the sun. Available in 01 Under water love and 02 Pearls are a girl’s best friend.

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 07
Available in 01 Mermaid’s secret, 02 Pearls are a girl’s best friend, 03 Aquatix bay, 04 Under the sea, 05 Finding dori, and 06 Under water love.

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 06
Simply stick the stickers on, file into the desired shape and then paint your nails. The foil will react to the nail polish instantly and crack open to create unique fish scale styles. Available in 01 Pearls are a girl’s best friend.

essence aquatix fall collection 2014 08
Thanks to microfine glitter pigments, the shimmer gel gives your skin a subtle glow. Available in 01 Oceans next top mermaid.

The collection will be available at Essence counters and from next month. Are you excited?

Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.142

Hello everyone,

what have you been up to this past weeks? Let me know in the comments and, in the meantime, enjoy my random ramblings:

Stella De Libero

stella de libero

I always thought that, when I’d get married (which, by the way, isn’t happening anytime soon), I’d wear a traditional white dress. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking I’d like something different and unconventional. Well, maybe not as over the top as Stella De Libero’s creations, but, boy, aren’t they stunning?! Her dresses are full of ruffles, embroidery, flowers, beads, and pleats that remind me of those sumptuous gowns worn by royalty and nobility in the past. The attention to detail is incredible. A lot of her dresses come in bold, bright colours, but there are also some white ones for more traditional brides. Would you wear a Stella De Libero creation on your wedding day, or do you prefer something simple and modern?

What I’m Reading Now

the romanov sisters
The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra by Helen Rappaport
I’ve always been fascinated by the last Tsar of Russia and his beautiful family, but I rarely read books about them cos it just depresses me too much. Their fate was just too tragic. This book, though, only briefly covers their last days in Ekaterinburg and their murder, as Rappaport had already written a book about it. Thanks to a treasure trove of diaries and letters from the grand duchesses to their friends and family, Rappaport brings the Grand Duchesses, with their very different personalities, back to life. I had never realised how much secluded the life had always been, even before the revolution. Because of their mother’s ailing health and aversion to society, and the dangerous and volatile political situation, with attacks and attempted murders against members of government and of the royal family being quite frequent occurrences even before 1917, they had barely any contact with the outside world. They barely had any friends and, although they feel in love, usually with officers and soldiers, they could never do anything about it. Thus they always remained quite innocent about the world, but they were also clever and realised, in their last few years, how dangerous their situation was. Even in captivity, they always remained good and sweet, trying to make friends with those guarding them, and being loyal to one another and their country. They were really amazing young women whose lives were cut short way too soon. Overall, this is a wonderful but sad book that any fans of the family should read.

The Links

5 best blush for fair skin – Temptalia

Common misconceptions about hydroxy acids – Future Derm

Your body is powerful. Use it as an instrument, not an ornament – Beauty Redefined

5 ways to have a body positive summer – Adios Barbie

Why does curly hair curl? – Hair Romance

Sunday Survey, Vol.210

1. Last movie you watched?
Gypsy. Love old musicals!

2. What makeup did you wear to the prom?
We don’t have proms here, but I’m curious to hear what you wore to yours. :)

3. Eyeshadow of the day?
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Flipside. It’s beautiful green shade that gives a nice pop of colour to my face and is perfect for summer.

4. Do you marathon TV shows or do you watch them in small doses?
I used to do marathons, but these days I have less free time so I prefer to watch one or two episodes a day, or even less.

5. Your take on wearing sneakers in the summer?
I think it’s ok if you’re running, playing sports or doing something like that. But for daily, or night, wear, I prefer to wear sandals or wedges.

It’s your turn now!
1. Last movie you watched?
2. What makeup did you wear to the prom?
3. Eyeshadow of the day?
4. Do you marathon TV shows or do you watch them in small doses?
5. Your take on wearing sneakers in the summer?

How To Cure A Sunburn, Regency Style


Our wealthy female ancestors were horrified at the thought of getting a tan. None of that sunkissed bronzy glow for them. That was a peasant thing. A lady’s complexion had to be white and pale. On a sunny day, no lady would have set foot outside the house without a parasol to protect her skin from the sun.

But that didn’t mean that they didn’t get sunburnt. There’s only so much protection a parasol can offer on a hot day spent promenading, picnicking, or at the beach, after all. When that happened, there were all sorts of DIY recipes said to work wonders at “taking off a sunburn”. Here’s what The Mirror Of The Graces recommended:


This useful paste is good for taking off sun-burnings, effects of weather on the face, and accidental cutaneous eruptions. It must be applied at going to bed. First wash the face with its usual ablution, and when dry, rub this fard all over it, and go to rest with it on the skin. This is excellent for almost constant use.

Take two ounces of oil of sweet almonds, ditto of spermaceti; melt them in a pipkin over a slow fire. When they are dissolved and mixed, take it off the fire, and stir into it one table- spoonful of fine honey. Continue stirring it till it is cold, and then it is fit for use.

Did it work?

Well, honey has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can help improve wound healing and relieve the pain. Almond oil is said to be soothing too, although all evidence of it is still only anecdotal. As for spemaceti, it was a white waxy substance found in the head cavities of the sperm whale used mostly because of its pleasant scent and feel to the touch. I guess this mixture could have alleviated the pain somewhat, but I doubt it worked wonders.

What to do today

If you get a sunburn today, though, avoid honey. There are more effective treatments now, such as taking take a luke warm bath with Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment (oatmeal has soothing properties), applying a cool moisturizer, such as Eucerin Calming Cream (keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours before application!), or, in severe cases, taking ibuprophen or aspirin.

How do you treat a sunburn?