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  1. Hi,
    Your article on elizabethan beauty ideas has really helped me out on my project. It’s very well done. I just wanted to congradulate you, and say thank you. Happy thanksgiving!

    • Neko, thanks you for your comment and I’m so pleased to hear that my article helped you with your project! :)

  2. i’m interesed to all cosmetics by kiko cosmetics and in my countru dosen’t exist the posibiliti to buy ,can i havw a list of your produits cose i know many persons interested

    • Ina, I’m sorry you don’t have access to Kiko products. But I’m just a beauty blogger and I don’t have any Kiko product for sale, sorry.

  3. hello beautiful!…. i have had this milia since oct of last yr… well i think it’s milia… all this storted as a split in the side of my mouth. then it got infected. i had been to a dermatoligist about it but he named something else and gave me hydrocortazin to treat… but not working. to date my wife haas squeezed out about 7 hard little white pod looking things. i mean hard. they make a tink when dropped on a plate. under a mag. glass they look like orange pulps without the orange. one spot is a sore and will not heal. she has squeezed on it and can see about 5 more seed like things, but they just want come to the surfaace. but once we got the some out that spot seems to heal. is this mili? or does it sound like something else. im gonna make another appointment with the doc. but itll be a week or two before we can. just looking for a pieace of mind. can you help? thanks david.

    • Hello David, sorry for my late reply. I’m not a dermatologist and it is even harder to diagnose your condition without being able to see it in person, but it doesn’t really sound like milia seeds to me. I’m not sure what else it could be though. I think you should see a doctor asap. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    • David, where exactly is the breakout located? I am not a doctor, or dermatological skills but have studied the skin, it’s origin to illnesses. I am only offering advice, there is no guarantee of success because I have not seen your skin issue. As you may know they sell a tube that appears much like hydrocortisone, but I believe it’s popular for treating athletes foot. This is not it’s only purpose, it’s made to kill outbreaks due to fungus related issues. If you take a cap full of this and the hydrocortisone and mix the two well, together put a very small amount on the suspected area, it may clear up the outbreak. BUT before doing so you will have to allow the skin to heal, tell your wife to stop plucking the area please, omg, and I mean this in the most compassionate way, stop! You could definitely spread it by doing so. It sounds like the cut in your mouth became infected, and possibly by drooling on a pillow or face could be your direct link to a skin infection. Before you address this with medical creams, you will want to heal any open sores, by pouring peroxide from the cap onto a clean Q-tip and gently cover the particular area is a good way to start. If you feel it slightly itch, there is a definite germ factor behind it. Second you will want to take an egg, crack it open, but keep the yolk on one half of the shell, while allowing the white to separate and fall into a separate container. If possible try your best to just get the white of the egg, then take a fork or whisk and whip until you see bubbles, when you do, retrieve a clean cotton ball or Qtip, and soak in egg white, and put on the infected area. Cover it well, do not double-dip your cotton ball, aim to use a container with a lid so you can store the remaining egg white in the fridge. You will want to do this on more than one occasion before resorting to the hydrocortisone mix I gave you above. If this acne, or infection can sustain a few applications over a few days then you will want to try the cream. Just remember every morning wash your face, if it is on your face, make sure to wash bed linens; pillow cases, sheets blankets, on a weekly basis, to ensure this is not the source. Let me know if this helps

  4. Hi there Giorgia,

    Just like the first comment, I really like your article ‘Beauty History: The Elizabethan Era’! Congratulations with that stunning article. I study history and I’m writing a paper about the sexualisation of Elizabethan women due to certain cloths (dresses, corsets, …) and cosmetics. I would really like to use some of your information (I’ve read the ‘copyright’ part of your website), but can you tell me which sources you used? You could help me so much with that information! Thank you, thank you!

    • Lobke, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I remember using some online websites for that articles, but not exactly which ones as I’ve written it so long ago. I will do a quick search and see if I can find them again. And I wish you all the best with your paper.

  5. Sto cercando da ormai un anno il prodotto balsamo corpo sotto la doccia della linea Neutro Roberts, non riesco più a trovarlo in nessun supermercato, qualcuno mi sa dire se non è più in commercio?
    Grazie Elena

    • Elena, purtroppo non è più in commercio. Lo cercavo anche io qualche tempo fa, ma ormai non si trova più da nessuna parte. Nivea ha un prodotto simile, se ti può interessare.

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