The Easy Way To Remove Mascara Smudges From Your Lids (Without Messing Up Your Eye Makeup)

how to remove mascara smudges

I forgot to stand in line when they were dishing out patience. I have none. Zero. Zilch.

My nail polish often smudges cos I can’t keep my hands still for the ten minutes it takes to dry. I buy my biscuits, cos baking them just takes way too long. And I always look for spoilers to see if a show’s worth it or not. Why would you want to wait till the end to discover if it’s a load of crap?

But when it comes to mascara, or better mascara smudges, being patient pays off.

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10 Pinterest Beauty Boards You Must Absolutely Follow

best pinterest beauty boards

I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon quite late, but when I did, I wondered how could I ever have lived with it. I was instantly hooked.

Pinterest is a treasure trove of awesome inspiration. I could waste spend hours on there, looking for new makeup ideas, discovering useful skincare tips, or hunting down easy-to-do hair tutorials.

But, to the uninitiated, all those ideas and inspiration can be so overwhelming! That’s why I’ve put together this list of all my favourite Pinterest beauty boards. They’re so awesome, they’ll get you addicted too!

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6 Tips To Easily Hunt Down Vintage Perfumes

There comes a time, in the life of every perfumista, when the call of vintage perfumes becomes impossible to resist. Guerlain Mitsuko, Balmain Vert Vert,  Hermes Bel Ami… These perfumes smelled so great they made history.

But these days, all you can find at the mall are boring subtle scents that smell all the same. Sure, some innovative things are still happening in the perfume world now, but the age of the classics is, sadly, over.

But you still crave it. You want a taste of it. And so you decide to hunt down that vintage bottle of Jean Patou Joy you just can’t leave without. There must be on somewhere! But where to look? And how to make sure its juice is still good?

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid disappointments and wastes of money in your quest:

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Keep Your Skin Shine Free This Summer With This Simple Trick

keep skin shine free summer

My skin isn’t particularly oily. Yes, I have an oily t-zone, but over the years I developed a skincare routine that keeps the extra sebum and shine under control. Until summer comes around. Then, my sebaceous glands go into overdrive, turning my face into a slick mess.

When that happened in winter, I just dusted a layer of powder on my t-zone, and I was good for hours. But in summer, that doesn’t work as well. I just have to apply so much powder throughout the day that, by the end of it, my skin resembles a cakey mask. Oil-absorbing primers usually work better, but they add an extra step in my skincare routine. And, unless it’s a special occasion, I just can’t be bothered with them. Astringents were out of the question. They dry out your skin, causing it to produce even more oil! No thank you!

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3 Ways To Prevent Mascara From Smudging

prevent mascara from smudging

It has happened to all of us. We’re out and about with our friends, laughing and enjoying ourself, when we suddenly notice our reflection in a mirror. And horror! Staring back at us is a raccoon! Yep, our mascara, has smudged. Again! Wasn’t it supposed to be waterproof?!

Unfortunately, waterproof means just that: WATER proof, not OIL proof. Our skin produces oil throughout the day to stay moisturized and healthy, and when mascara comes in contact with it, it can melt and leave those dreaded black smudges all around the eye area.

So, if waterproof mascara doesn’t work (not always, anyway), what does? Here are 3 tricks that help me avoid raccoon eyes:

1. Knock off excess product

Before I apply mascara, I’ll wipe off excess product with a clean tissue. One quick swipe is more than enough. You don’t want to remove all the mascara, just the excess. I know it’s a bit of a waste, but it does help reduce smudging a lot. And it’ll make application easier too.

2. Pull up and away

This is a technique I learned recently from a youtube video (sadly, I don’t remember which one :( ). Basically, you apply mascara as usual, from the root up, but pull away before reaching the very tips of the lashes.

It’s the tips that usually get in contact with your skin, leaving those awful smudges everywhere. If there’s no mascara on them, that just can’t happen. And no, it doesn’t look weird either.

3. Powder up

This is my least favourite tip because it’s the most risky, but it works. Here’s how it’s done. Before mascara, I apply, with the help of a small eyeshadow brush, some translucent loose powder on my lashes. This helps mascara stay put. Some people prefer to apply mascara first, and then set it with powder. That works too.

The important thing is that you use a powder that’s made with ingredients approved for the eye area, or it may irritate and hurt your eyes. If you don’t know if your favourite powder is suitable, compare its ingredients with those in your eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascaras. If it contains something that’s in none of your eye products, don’t risk it.

How do you prevent mascara from smudging?

4 Alternative Uses For Perfume Samples

alternative uses for perfume samples

I love fragrance samples. Perfume can be a pretty expensive hobby, and there’s no way I would be able to try so many new scents every year without them. But lately, my collection has been getting out of control. I have a box chockfull of little perfume vials and, every now and then, I keep finding the odd forgotten one in a corner of the room, under a cushion, in my bag…

It’s like they have a life of their own and they’re hunting me, begging me to use them. But, unless I start to spritz different scents on different body parts and give a headache to everyone I meet, it’s impossible for me to wear them all to the last drop before they turn bad. So, I got creative and found other uses for them:

1. Fragrant bath

After a long day on my feet, I love to relax by taking a long, warm bath. For even a more pampering experience, I pour some perfume into the warm water. If it’s a cologne, or a scent I like but not love, I use the whole vial. But if the perfume is strong and powerful, or I love it so much I want to make it lasts as long as possible, only a few drops will do. The warmth of the water helps to diffuse the scent, making this pampering ritual even more relaxing and enjoyable. If you have time to bathe in the morning, you won’t even have to spritz perfume on afterwards. This bath will make you smell gorgeous for the whole day.

2. DIY room diffuser

If you have some reed diffuser sticks and carrier oils (safflower oil is the best one for this) at home, you can make your own room diffuser. You’ll need a glass, and your perfume samples too, of course! Pour all the contents of your sample vial, as well 1/4 cup of safflower oil, into the glass. Stir the mixture up with the reeds. Don’t worry if they don’t blend perfectly. Oil and water repel each other, but this trick will work anyway. Now you’ll just have to wait a few hours for the scent to travel up the reeds and diffuse a pleasant smell throughout your room.

3. Scented lingerie

This is a tip I picked up from Angela @ Now Smell This, so I’ll let her do the talking: “I like to add a vial of perfume to the water I use to rinse my lingerie when I’m washing it by hand. First I wash the lingerie in soap and water, and after it has soaked, I rinse it once then return it to the sink with the contents of a sample vial.” I do this on special occasions, and it makes me feel so sexy! But, if you have sensitive skin, be careful, as there’s a chance it could irritate your delicate areas.

4. Stocking stuffers

Whenever I buy someone a present for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasions, I add a couple of perfume samples, tied up with ribbons. It’s a lovely gesture that most people appreciate, although it works best if you know what kind of scents your friends like. A lot of my friends are into floral scents, which is fortunate, cos I usually don’t care much for them. Aha!

What do you do with perfume samples you don’t use?