How To Make Your Own Moisturizing Spray

diy moisturizing spray

A lot of women like to finish their makeup routine with a spritz of moisturizing spray to add radiance and extra moisture to the skin. But there’s no need to invest in one of the expensive sprays you can find in department stores. You can make your own. It’s easy, and a lot cheaper.

Here’s what you need:

95 ml of distilled water
4 or 5 ml of glycerin
1 sanitized spray bottle

Put both the water and the glycerin in the bottle, and give it a good shake. Because we’re not adding any preservatives, you need to store the mixture in a dark and cool place away from light and heat. And, when you start noticing any changes in consistency, colour, smell, etc, stop using it. That’s why, if you don’t use this type of product daily, you should reduce the doses. When it comes to homemade products, make only what you can finish before the ingredients go bad.

This spray is best used after cleansing the skin, but you can spritz it on after moisturizer or at any time during the day when you feel like your skin could use some extra moisture. How does it work? Glycerin is a humectant that can attract water from the environment into the skin, helping it to stay hydrated. But don’t use more than one spritz, or it’ll leave an unpleasant sticky feel on your skin!

Have you ever made your own moisturizing spray? Will you try this one?

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    • Gio says

      Allison, glad you enjoyed this post, and thank you for sharing it. Let me know how you like the DIY spray when you try it. :)

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