QOTW: Have You Ever Had Such A Bad Experience With A Brand That You’ve Stopped Using It?

disappointing brands

Have you ever had such a bad experience with a brand that you stopped using it?

My answer: mmm, I usually stop using a brand when they do something really bad, like reacting too harshly to a negative review (no need for that, unless the blogger is being unnecessarily nasty) or threatening bloggers with legal action for recreating a manicure they were in the process of copyrighting (even though they hadn’t invented it! – and I’m talking about Ciatè btw). But I won’t stop using a brand just because one or two of their products didn’t work for me. After all, every line has a few duds, and not everything works for everyone anyway.

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  1. Regn says

    This is really offtopic, but I’d like to know where do you collect these questions of the week or questions for your Sunday surveys? Or do you make them up yourself? They’re always really interesting! :-)

    • Gio says

      Eight, I tend to be more forgiving of brands that mess up during a sale, cos I don’t think they often realise what they are getting into. But if a mistake is acceptable, refusing to make amends in any way isn’t.

  2. Claudia says

    I came really close w/Le Metier after the debacle with a certain palette (whose name escapes me atm) that showed up on the SAKS website earlier than it should have then releasing it again. I still flirt with the thought of boycotting as I find the ideal of releasing limited quantities to only one location.

    • Gio says

      Claudia, that’s very disappointing! What’s the point of releasing something if you make it so heard for people to buy it?!

  3. says

    I can’t say that I’ve banned brands per say (except the one mentioned) but there are a few I’m staying away from, not because they were bad but mainly because their offerings never wowed me quality wise.

    I remember the Ciaté debacle, now that was pretty bad! I’m glad to say I’ve never purchased their products and I don’t plan to.
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    • Gio says

      Icaria, Ciatè has been releasing some fab stuff lately, but I really can’t bring myself to buy from them. Their behaviour was appalling!

  4. says

    How annoying is that?! All I can say, is you can be a popular brand for now but it may not be forever, especially when they behave as such. And manicures are really created randomly and artistically by nail artists. You can’t copyright that! It’s ridiculous.

    Boycott? Probably them then for being so rude. They should know better that to be disrespectful to bloggers who simply want to share their free rights to an opinion.

    My issue at the moment are comodomes I’m finding on my skin. I have no idea what it’s from. Was reading about your bismuth post from 2010. Lol. And ingredients that can cause that. Im frustrated as you can tell. Because you buy something an then BAM. Worse skin than before…

    Nice blog :-)

    • Gio says

      Coco, I completely agree with you. Their behaviour was appalling. And the worst part for me was that they were trying to copyright something they hadn’t even invented! That’s so wrong! And so is bullying people for recreating a manicure. I don’t really know what they were thinking…

      That’s very frustrating indeed, I’m sorry to hear it! Does it contain Isopropyl Palmitate, Myristyl Myristate or any Palmitates and Myristates? Those are very comedogenic, and so are coconut oil and its derivatives. The culprit may be something else of course, but these are the most common ones.

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