A Quick And Easy Way To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

liquid eyeliner application trick

Do you find it hard to apply liquid eyeliner? Try as you might, you never seem to be able to draw a straight line?

I feel your pain. I can easily apply pencil or gel eyeliners, but give me a liquid one and I’ll make a mess. I’ll just draw a wobbly line, or apply too much, or smudge it. It’s just so frustrating!

But it doesn’t have to be. There’s a quicker way to apply liquid eyeliner effortlessly. It’s very easy too.

Use your own brush. We all have a favourite eyeliner brush. Mine is from Ecotools. Grab it and, with it, pick up a little bit of colour from the liquid eyeliner applicator.

Then, apply it like you would your gel eyeliner. And voilà. The eyeliner is now perfectly applied. And it took you less than a minute! :)

How do you apply liquid eyeliner?

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    • Gio says

      Monica, I used to do that too. But since I started using my own brush, applying liquid eyeliner became a lot easier and quicker.

  1. Regn says

    I like to apply my liquid liner with exactly the same thin brush applicator like you showed is in the header picture lol. 😀 I wear black liquid eyeliner every day. It’s just not myself without it. So I’ve been getting better each day and now I can do it quite easily. It’s much more convenient for me than using a separate brush, because I don’t have to wash it after every use.

    • Gio says

      Regn, I wish I had your skills! Washing your brush after every use is a bit of a pain, but believe it or not, that takes me less time than applying eyeliner with the brush shown in the picture above! I’m that awful at it. I guess I still have a lot to pratice, but it’s nice to have an alternative in the meantime. :)


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