Product Review: Guru Scent For Man


Name: Guru Scent For Man
Brand: Guru
Size: 50ml
Price: €25.00

What I liked:
– lovely fresh and aromatic scent
– good sillage and staying power
– pretty packaging

What I didn’t like:
– not original nor remarkable

Last month, I reviewed Guru Scent for Woman, a fruity oriental blend for teenagers. The sweet composition is lovely, but nothing we haven’t smelled a hundred times already. Did Guru reserve all its creative juices for its male counterpart or is that a pleasant but boring composition too?

We’ll see that in a minute. First, a word on the packaging. If you’re not familiar with the brand, don’t fret. The cute daisy image printed on the bottle against a bright green background is simply the brand’s logo. The fragrance itself doesn’t smell like a daisy field in a small countryside village. Although this scent could be worn by women too, it firmly falls into the masculine end of the spectrum.

Guru Scent for Man opens with a fresh and aromatic blend of lavender and lemon, sprinkled with blackcurrant. The heart is spicy: white pepper and ginger play together, while tame whiffs of jasmine announce the presence of a flower-bed nearby. But the smell is faint yet, and not feminine at all.

Finally, the drydown is a classic blend of musk, sandal and amber seeds, which have a spicy, musky aroma. It’s very pleasant, but, like the rest of the composition, very predictable. In creating both fragrances, Guru has opted for safety rather than creativity. Commercially, it probably makes more sense, but I can’t help to be disappointed.

The sillage cannot be faulted though. Guru Scent for Man won’t give a headache to those around you, but it doesn’t stand too close to the skin preventing everyone else from smelling it too either. The intensity is just right. The staying power too. Ten hours later, I can still distinctly smell it on my skin.

Available at: douglas

Guru Scent For Man is a fresh and aromatic composition that features lemon and lavender notes in the opening, a spicy heart, and a woody musky base. It smells lovely and has good silage and staying power, but it is also predictable and unremarkable.

Rating: 3.5/5

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    • Gio says

      Kiss & Make-up, I agree. The packaging well represents the brand’s identity, but if you’re not familiar with it, it is easy to confuse for a woman’s scent.

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