Product Review: Braologie Bracie

braologie bracie 01

Name: Bracie
Brand: Braologie
Price: $39.99

From Braologie’s website:
We designed and developed a BRACIE for extra support and hold when the normal bra is just not enough. Can be worn with your own bras or for best results wear it with any of our bras.

What I liked:
– thick straps and reinforced back help support the breasts, easing the strain on the shoulders
– horizontal side boning gives cleavage a fuller and uplifted look
– overtime, it helps improve your posture

What I didn’t like:
– doesn’t work very well with all bras (for best results, use it with a Braologie bra)
– not too comfortable at first

As my regular readers know, I’m a big fan of Braologie, the lingerie line that promises to improve your posture and give you a better figure. Their mini vest, designed to give more support and hold when your bra is not enough, has just undergone a makeover to make it more comfortable to wear.

Now called Bracie, the vest, which is available in black and beige, is made of lightweight and breathable material. However, you’ll feel some discomfort at first. This is normal with this kind of shapewear, though, and will fade quickly as you get used to wearing it. And its benefits are well-worth it, anyway.

before braologie

Wearing my own bra

Most bras lack underbust support. Because of that, it’s the shoulders that carry all the breast weight, which puts them, as well as your upper back, under a lot of strain. As a result, overtime, you will develop a slouching posture. If, like me, you are experiencing this problem, you should really consider the Bracie.

This vest has thick straps and a reinforced back that provide additional support for the breasts, evening out their weight and thus reducing the strain on your shoulders and back. Overtime, this helps your posture, although, obviously, it will take a long time to see some significant results. Shapewear helps, but it’s not a miracle worker.

Another benefit of the Bracie is its horizontal side boning. This keeps the breasts within the bra cups, rather than allowing them to “migrate” around the armpit area. This gives your cleavage a fuller and uplifted look and your body a better figure. Isn’t that just what every woman wants?

braologie bracie 02

Wearing Braologie bra + Bracie

Braologie says that, although you get the best results when you use the Bracie with one of their bras, you can also use it with any bras you have. After wearing it for a couple of months with pretty much any bra I own, I agree with Braologie that it is with their bra that the Bracie gives the best results (as you can see from the photos above).

When you use it with other bras, results vary. You still get some additional support and a better figure, but the effect isn’t always as great as I hoped. That’s because the job of the Bracie is to help the bra, not substitute it, so if your bra hardly gives you any support at all, there’s only so much this vest can do. It’ll help even then, but only to an extent.

Available at:

Braologie Bracie is a mini vest with thick straps and reinforced back that provides extra support for the breasts. This reduces the strain on your shoulders and upper back, helping you, overtime, to achieve a better posture. Plus, its horizontal side boning gives your cleavage an uplifted and fuller look. Although it can be used with any bras, it works best with Braologie bras.

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • Gio says

      Monica, the results are incredible, isn’t it? I always wear Braologie products when I have a special occasion to attend.

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