QOTW: Have You Used A BB Cream?

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Have you used a BB Cream?

My answer: yes, I tried one that was sent to me by Sleek Makeup. While I liked it, it didn’t make me fall in love with BB Creams. Multitasking products aren’t really my thing as they often fall short on something, and in the case of BB Creams, that’s usually sun protection. Besides, I think everyone should use whatever products work best for them, whether they’re a BB Cream, a tinted moisturizer, or a foundation. In my case, that’s a separate moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation.

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    • Ana, I agree. I think in Asia you can find “proper” BB creams, but in Europe and the US, they’re pretty much tinted moisturizers. That’s why I think you should use what works for you, regardless of how it’s called.

    • Jenn, you’re a smart girl! ;) SPF in makeup products just don’t offer enough protection, it doesn’t matter what they claim.

  1. It’s impossible to find a foundation shade that fits my very pale skin among budget friendly brands. I don’t choose according to my needs, I’m lucky enough if I find a fitting shade. I don’t have the “luxury” of choosing whether I need a foundation, a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer lol. And fortunately I found a shade that fits my skintone for the first time of my life, and it’s a Korean BB cream. :)

    • Regn, I have very pale skin so I know how difficult it is to find a good match for your skintone. We do often have to settle indeed. But I’m glad you’ve finally found a good match for your skintone.

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