QOTW: Does It Bother You When Other People Use Your Beauty Products?

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Does it bother you when other people use your beauty products?

My answer: only when they don’t ask first. When they do, I’ll usually let them use it and, if it is makeup, explain to them how to sanitize it so that we can all use it safely. It’s only stuff that can’t be sanitized like mascaras or liquid eyeliners that I refuse to share.


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  1. Yes! Yeees! About a month ago a girl, which isn’t at all that close to me, stuck her fingers in one of my lipstick palettes – I should’ve killed her! It was almost new, so I decided not to care that much, took off the surface layer of the product and just let it be…

    I think the only people I’d let close to my makeup are the 3 o4 gals I call best friends…
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    • Eli, it’s so rude when people touch your stuff like that, especially if they aren’t that close to you! If she wanted to try it, she should have asked you!

    • Eight, that would drive me mad too! I don’t think many people realise the danger of sharing cosmetics without sanitizing them. And, in any case, you shouldn’t use someone else’s things without permission. It’s just rude.

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