QOTW: Would You Rather Give Up Eyeliner Or Mascara?

eyeliner vs mascara

Would you rather give up eyeliner or mascara?

My answer: eyeliner, definitely. I don’t use it for every look, whereas mascara is a must. It makes my lashes longer and thicker and really opens up the eyes.

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  1. Mascara.

    Since discovering I actually can do a proper cat-eye, and do it well (all thanks to the many times mentioned Golden Rose Dipliner) I stopped using mascara – you can’t even see something’s been done to the lashes with the cat-eye + it can’t be simply washed away with water, like my eyeliner can.

    If I do something with lashes, it’s falsies.

    I use mascara only for the non cat eye look, which are few and far between.
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    • Ana, I’d love to see your look, it sounds great. And I love that it looks amazing even without mascara. Most looks don’t, unless you have naturally long and very black lashes.

      Falses are great, but it’s so timeconsuming to put them on properly.

  2. I would definitely give up mascara! I’m lucky enough to have naturally thick lashes and I hate putting on mascara anyway. I could never go without my eyeliner.

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