Product Review: Layla Laylash Lash Extensions N°5

layla laylash lash extensions n5

Name: Laylash Last Extensions n°5
Brand: Layla
Price: €12,20

From Layla’s website:
Innovative, funny forms and a lot glamour.

What I liked:
– soft and flexible band makes eyelashes easy to apply
– the length isn’t too long, so you may not have to shorten it
– perfectly curved
– look quite natural on
– lightweight

What I didn’t like:
– glue doesn’t hold lashes in place for long, yet it is difficult to remove from skin
– the price

Layla Laylash adhesive is the worst eyelash glue ever. It barely keeps the false eyelashes in place, yet it is a nightmare to remove. I lost count of the amount of olive oil and makeup remover, as well as time, I had to use to remove it all. And I hadn’t applied anymore glue than I usually do. Seriously, this stuff is awful enough to make you want to stay away from false eyelashes for the rest of your life.

Thank goodness, not all eyelash glues are that bad. If you plan to use Layla false eyelashes, definitely use your own glue to put and keep them on. Unfortunately, I don’t have another glue at the moment because I rarely wear false eyelashes, hence why I’m not showing you this pair in action. Nothing in the world will ever make me force to use this adhesive again. Nothing. Ever.

Laylash Lash Extensions N°5, the false eyelashes that come with this awful glue, are, however, really lovely. They are very lightweight and don’t feel heavy at all on. In fact, they are quite comfortable. The band is quite soft and flexible, which makes them easy to apply, while the length isn’t too long, so most ladies won’t even have to shorten it. I didn’t have to.

The lashes are shorter at the edges and longer in the middle, and perfectly curved. Once applied, they look quite natural. Well, they look a bit longer and a touch more dramatic than your own lashes, but not fake. You could easily wear them at work or even at school, or whenever you want a my lashes but better look. I really love the effect. Now, if they could only reformulate the glue…

Available at:

Layla Laylash Lash Extensions N°5 are perfectly curved, natural-looking lashes with a flexible band. The length is suitable for most eye sizes too. However, the enclosed glue is awful. It barely keeps lashes in place, but it’s very difficult to remove from skin.

Rating: false lashes 4/5, adhesive 1.5/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, that’s so true. These would look great applied with a good glue, which the one included isn’t. :(

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, this glue is a nightmare. But if you find one that keeps the lashes on and is easy to remove, then wearing false lashes can be quite fun.

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