Do BB Creams Provide Adequate Sun Protection?

bb cream sun protection

BB Creams have taken the beauty world by storm lately. Touted as a miracle “one-size-fits-all” product, a BB Cream combines the benefits of moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunscreen in just one product. But I’m not a fan. From my experience, multi-tasking products always fall short on something. And in this case, that something is sun protection.

BB Creams don’t provide adequate sun protection

Remember when we talked about SPF in makeup and skincare products? Although, that seems like a great idea, especially for those who haven’t yet found a sunscreen that suits their skin type, there is just no way that you can get the level of SPF stated on the packaging. You see, the recommended amount of sunscreen for the face is 1/4 teaspoon, which means that you’d have to apply up to 7 layers of foundation or moisturizer to achieve adequate protection. And who does that?

The same applies to BB Creams (or CC Creams). It is just not possible to slather on enough to achieve the amount of sun protection your skin needs. It can even be more difficult, actually, because BB Creams tend to have a thicker texture than most foundations and lotions. That can feel uncomfortable on the skin, so you may be tempted to apply as little as possible. And while that pea sized amount may be enough to even out your complexion and moisturize your skin, it will leave it exposed to sun damage.

Formulas vary greatly

In addition, not all BB Creams are created equal. Some offer more coverage or more hydration than others, for instance. But when it comes to sun protection, you can often get less than you bargained for. You see, SPF only refers to UVB rays. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to come across BB Creams that offer great protection from UVB rays, but only partial, if none at all, from UVA rays. And these nasty rays not only cause premature aging, but can also contribute to the development of skin cancer.

The bottom line

BB Creams, just like any other cosmetic product with SPF, provides a false sense of security. In reality, not all BB Creams provide broad-spectrum protection and, even when they do, it is impossible to apply enough to achieve the recommended level of SPF stated on the label. So, always use it together with your favourite sunscreen. Your skin will thank you.

Do you rely on BB Creams alone for your sun protection?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      MonicaP, I don’t see the appeal either. I guess they’re ok if you need only enough coverage to even out the skintone, otherwise it’s best to buy separate products. They work better than multitasking ones.

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