QOTW: Are You Intimidated By Sales People?

intimidated by sales people

Are you intimidated by sales people?

My answer: I used to be at first, when I felt like a beginner. Now, if they have a snobby attitude, I just bring my money elsewhere. After all, they are there to help me, and if they can’t be bothered to do that, why should I purchase from them? Besides, these days I often feel like I know more than most SAs anyway!

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, I’m the same. It’s just so annoying when they’re pushy and I can’t be bothered to put up with that.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, I’m sorry that happened to you. That was so rude. But well done for taking your money elsewhere. I agree, when you’re a teen, it is easy to feel intimidated by SAs. But when you grow upyou realise that some of them are just rude or don’t have a clue. Thank goodness for good SAs, though!

  1. says

    I’m just… annoyed.
    I think I know more than them – and I don’t mean the deep stuff, just like knowing what they have on offer.

    And I hate a. being followed and b. being negged (“Yeah, that face situation is really bad”).
    Also, being badly diagnosed. Just because I have blemishes, doesn’t mean my skin is oily – especially if I walk into the store flaking like it’s my job.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Ana, I agree. I’ve met SAs who didn’t even know what a mattifying cream was or that brush cleansers existed… And then there are those who aren’t up-to-date with the latest releases, even though they are already on their counters! It’s so frustrating!

      And being followed is another no-no. What do they think, that we’re gonna steal something if they don’t keep an eye on us all the time?

  2. says

    I agree! I definitely feel more annoyed than intimidated. Sometimes I go ahead and make the purchase anyways because I’d have to drive quite a ways to get the product, but the SAs at my nearest mall have serious attitude (except the ones at the Jo Malone counter, they’re some of the loveliest people ever). I don’t get it!
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, I hate rude or pushy SAs. I get that a lot of them are working on commission, but still, that attitude just makes people run away faster. And who does that benefit? No one.

  3. says

    I’m not intimidated, but I kind of feel bad for a lot of the ones at Macy’s. Here in the States, Macy’s can actually take your paycheque, even if you worked a lot of hours, if people make returns or if you don’t make enough sales. It is possible to work 20 hours weeks and walk out with less than minimum wage because of these totally legal practices. So there’s a LOT of pressure to make that sale, and to make sure people don’t return anything.

    In general, though, if someone is pushy or arrogant, I just won’t shop there. There are a bajillion retailers who want to sell me things and who are happy to do their jobs. And more often than not, I’m just kind of disappointed that most salespeople I’ve met don’t know what half their own ingredients are or what they do. Maybe they should start reading your blog, eh?
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      BebeTaian, that’s awful! I don’t understand how something like that could even be legal. Considering the pressure they’re under, it’s no wonder they’re so eager to make a sale. However, I feel like this behaviour can hurt them more in the end. If they’re too pushy they will put people off from ever approaching their counter again, and besides, it’s more likely a customer will return something they felt pressured into buying rather than something they purchased because they truly like it.

      I believe that all SAs should be educated about ingredients, otherwise how can they recommend the best products for their customers’ needs? Too often, though, they aren’t taught anything, or, if they are, they get their info from the brands they work for. It’s so annoying for consumers!

  4. says

    Now that I’m older with more makeup knowledge .. I’m not intimidated by sales people. I often have knowledge of what I want when I approach a certain makeup counter, so either a SA is going to help me or I’m off to another store.

    I do despise the hard sell .. especially in Bath and Body works. Like flippin’ let me wander around the store in peace!

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Monica, it’s so annoying when they follow you around, isn’t it? They do that at Kiko here, which is why I rarely go there these days. And it’s a shame, cos I love their products.

      I like your attitude. If they won’t help you, why give them your money? Better go somewhere else indeed.

  5. Janessa says

    I used to feel intimidated if I were by myself since I didn’t wear makeup when I first started getting into it and didn’t dress nicely either so I was often ignored at counters or given a ‘get away from my counter’ look or get stares from SA’s who think I’m tampering the testers.
    Now I ignore them and even go to another counter instead if I get some rude attitude. It’s so ironic that they think they’re superior when they’re supposed to serve us customers and help us!
    Some SA’s however, are so great and patient I end up buying products I didn’t even intend on purchasing at first. :) I also always thank them and tell them they’re great if they are nice and advising, not pushy.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, I used to feel the same way when I first started wearing makeup. I felt so uncomfortable when they kept following me around or look down on me thinking I couldn’t afford their products simply because I wasn’t wearing something expensive. But eventually, this turned into annoyance. Their job is to serve the customers, any customers, and if they can’t do that with respect then why shop there?

      I agree, some SAs are great indeed. I’m always grateful when I come across one of them. It’s a pleasure to be served by someone nice who knows what they’re talking about.

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