New Collection: China Glaze On The Horizon Fall 2013

china glaze on the horizon fall 2013 collection 01

Spread your wings and prepare to take flight with China Glaze® On the Horizon. This free-spirited specialty collection introduces six unique lacquers using interwoven matte particles to create a feathered finish. The multi-coloured palette features both bright and earthy tones, reminiscent of the sky at dawn and dusk. Achieve opacity with two coats, or layer over a complementary base color for a fresh, colorful manicure.

The six shades available are:

china glaze on the horizon fall 2013 collection 02

china glaze on the horizon fall 2013 collection 03

All A Flutter: pastel peach, soft blue & white particles
Flock Together: mint green, bold blue & black particles
Flying South: orange, soft yellow & red-shimmery particles
Light As a Feather: orange, white & black particles
Party Fowl: bold blue, orange & black particles
You’re a Hoot: soft yellow, orange & black particles

I really love this concept. I think it’s very creative and the shades available look unique and fun. What about you? Have you tried one yet?

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