Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.85

Hello everyone,

ready for another round of random ramblings? Here we go:

The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourite musicals. Based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux, it tells the story of the beautiful Soprano Christine Daaé. A disfigured musical genius, who lurks beneath the stage of the Paris Opera, falls in love with her and wants to turn her into a star, but when she rejects him for her childhood friend Raoul, he vows revenge. The music for the musical was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the lyrics by Charles Hart. Here’s one of my favourite songs, Music Of The Night. Enjoy!

What I’m Reading Now

law's strangest cases peter seddon
The Law’s Strangest Cases: Extraordinary but True Stories from Over Five Centuries of Legal History by Peter Seddon. Reality is much strangest than fiction, as this book shows. It features lots of weird legal cases that occurred during the last 5 centuries, although most of them are quite recent. Dead parrots that give evidence in court, jurors who refuse to do their jobs until they are paid, a murderess landlady who collected money from her mummified victim for 21 years… Seldon briefly relates these and other incredible cases in a very funny and humorous way that will make you smile, if not laugh at times, even when it’s not really appropriate to do so. Oh, and even though Seldon discusses cases from all over the world, most of them occurred in Britain. As an anglophile, that suited me fine, but some people may be disappointed by it. Overall, a very interesting read!

The Links

Beauty Fool shares some tips on how to look great online.

Makeup 4 All shares her top 5 favourite beauty products from Becca Cosmetics.

Ask Me Whats shares her favourite longlasting blushes.

Future Derm wonders what DD Creams are, and how different they are from BB and CC Creams?

While you’re there, check out what Nikki’s favourite concealer is.

Sunday Survey, Vol.164

1. Do you sing under the shower?
Nope. I try to keep my showers as short as possible so I’m too busy just washing myself to do anything else.

2. How do you apply your foundation?
It depends. If I’m in a rush, I’ll use my fingers. Otherwise, I use the ELF Professional Foundation Brush. Oh, and when I want higher coverage, I’ll apply it with E.L.F. Studio Powder Brush instead.

3. Favourite summer nail polish?
I don’t have a favourite, but I love to wear neon polishes during the summer.

4. Would you prefer to live in a big city or a small town?
I’ve always lived in a small town, so I’d love to try a big city. Small towns are quieter, but there aren’t as many opportunities and the people can often be quite narrow-minded.

5. Do you like slouch bags?
I think they’re cute and handy for casual occasions.

It’s your turn!
1. Do you sing under the shower?
2. How do you apply your foundation?
3. Favourite summer nail polish?
4. Would you prefer to live in a big city or a small town?
5. Do you like slouch bags?

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  1. says

    That sounds like a fun book to read. I have pretty short attention span so I like a series of short stories/anecdotes instead of a long, slow-flowing one. Now I just need to find out if it’s available in the library here.

    1. Do you sing under the shower?
    Haha, I am totally guilty on this one. When I used to woke up at 5 to take shower…The singing used to scared the heck out of my then-roommate (who of course, was sleeping and kept hearing “strange voices”.

    2. How do you apply your foundation?
    I don’t have any (that doesn’t cake) but I suppose if I have a good, working one that I am not too lazy to use, I would just use 1 finger.

    3. Favourite summer nail polish?
    Nail polish bubbles up too much in summer here so I usually keep them for fall. Essie Clambake is a great “tropical” shade though.

    4. Would you prefer to live in a big city or a small town?
    Big city (though even bigger cities feel like small town compared to the “normal sized” cities in Asia).

    5. Do you like slouch bags?
    If they are big, I guess why not?

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Citrine, you’re going to love the book then. The stories are short, entertaining and to the point.

      And lol @ your roomate hearing strange voices. It must have freaked her out. :)

  2. says

    1. Do you sing under the shower? Nope. I’ve tried it once or twice but is not my thing, either I’m in a hurry or I just want to relax. :)
    2. How do you apply your foundation? I like to use my fingers. :)
    3. Favourite summer nail polish? Don’t have a favorite either. I’m wearing the shades I have to review.
    4. Would you prefer to live in a big city or a small town? Always big city as I lived in a medium town until I was 18. :) After that I moved to the capital on my own and I like big cities since I can remember but I will enjoy the quiet of a small city once in a while. :)
    5. Do you like slouch bags? Nooo…I like stylish bags or very small but practical bags. :)
    Tavia´s last blog post ..NARS Fall 2013 Hearts LA Set & Blush Palettes – Info & Photos!My Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Tavia, it’s definitely nice to spend some quite time in a small town to recharge yourself every now and then. But living there permanently isn’t that fun when you’re young, you know what I mean?

  3. says

    Love The Phantom of the Opera and that book does seem interesting indeed!

    1. Never! But my daughter does which I find lovely.
    2. With my fingers and sometimes I use a brush or a sponge to smooth it out.
    3. I have a few: Chanel Taboo, Chanel Lilis and Essie The Girls Are Out.
    4. Since I’ve always lived in a big city, I’m not sure I would like a smaller town.
    5. Love them!
    Icaria´s last blog post ..NARS Fall 2013…My Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, those are all lovely shades!

      And you have to like calm and tranquillity to live in a small town. Nothing ever happens there and there aren’t many things to do. I think it’s great to live there when you’re a child, but when you grow up, you start craving for more.

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