(Some) Hair Damage Is Normal

hair damage is normal

So, you wanna keep your hair damage-free, but you’ve heard that everything can harm it. Washing, blowdrying, styling tools, combing, towel-drying… It seems there’s nothing you can do to it that won’t cause some wear and tear.

Hair damage is to be expected

That’s because hair is very fragile. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of it. Some damage will occur. And that’s normal. Even simply washing your hair in water will cause the loss of a small amount of protein. So will sunlight. Does that mean that we shouldn’t wash our hair or never set foot outside?

Of course not. Who could possibly want to live like that?! Instead, rather than worrying about preventing hair damage, we should focus on reducing it as much as possible. If you care for your hair properly, the damage will be so minimal that you won’t even see it anyway. Your locks will be strong, moisturized and shiny. It’s only when the damage becomes visible, when your hair becomes dry or split ends occur for instance, that it becomes a problem.

How to minimize hair damage

So, how do you minimize hair damage? By handling your hair as gently as possible:

1. Avoid harsh surfactants that will strip too much of the hair’s natural oils.
2. Deep condition hair with coconut oil or olive oil.
3. Minimize the use of styling tools and, if you must use a blowdryer, use the lowest setting.
4. Towel-dry and comb your hair gently.
5. Wear a hat when going outdoors.

So, there you have it. Take good care of your hair and don’t worry too much about the small amount of hair damage that you can’t avoid. That’s necessary to keep your hair in top shape, anyway,

Do you worry excessively about hair damage?

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  1. says

    I am quite obsessed with not damaging my hair, yeah. My hair is very thin and there isn’t a lot of it, so when comb it through and see a whole lot of full-length hair in my hand that has come off… EEK! I notice it happens more when I use styling tools and styling products, so I try to just gently wash it and then let it air dry.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Kiss & Make-up, seeing a lot of fallen hair is very scary indeed. It’s normal to lose about 100 daily, but if hair is damaged, we may lose even more! Using styling tools as little as possible and letting it air dry are great ways to take care of your hair. It will help keep the damage to a minimum, which is the most we can hope for.

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