Product Review: Labrosan Pina Colada Lip Balm

labrosan pina colada lip balm 01

Name: Pina Colada Lip Balm
Brand: Labrosan
Size: 5,8ml
Price: €1,00

From Labrosan’s website:
Rich in avocado oil and shea butter, it takes care of your lips, leaving them soft and protected.

What I liked:
– creamy texture, goes on smoothly
– leaves lips soft and moisturized
– lovely coconut and pineapple scent
– pretty and eyecatching packaging
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– needs to be reapplied every couple of hours
– some people may be disappointed that this lip balm doesn’t have a taste

Being a teetotaller, it certainly wasn’t the flavour that attracted me to Labrosan Pina Colada Lip Balm. No, it was the packaging. Yes, I’m shallow like that. But come on, just look at the bright and eyecatching lime green tube with blue writings on it. Doesn’t it scream summer? I just couldn’t resist.

Fellow teetotallers may be relieved to know that this lip balm doesn’t taste like pina colada. In fact, it doesn’t have a taste at all. But it does have a scent. Pina Colada is a cocktail made with pineapple and coconut, both of which can be subtly, but clearly smelt whenever you remove the cap and apply the lip balm on your lips.

When you do, you’ll also at first be taken a bit aback by the bright yellow colour of the lip balm. But fear not. It applies completely clear on the lips, which also makes it appropriate as a base for your favorite lipstick. The texture is creamy, but not so creamy to melt when you apply it, and goes on very smoothly, leaving your lips soft and moisturized.

labrosan pina colada lip balm 02

Despite what the brand says, its moisturizing properties aren’t due to shea butter and avocado oil, which are present in the formula only in minuscule amounts. Instead, we have petrolatum and castor oil (ricinus communis oil) to thank for them. Petrolatum, which is derived from oil, is a very misunderstood ingredient. The type used in cosmetics is cosmetic grade petrolatum, which must undergo a purification process that eliminates all the toxic substances that could be harmful to our health.

Petrolatum works by forming a protective barrier on the skin that traps moisture in, thus helping to keep lips hydrated for longer. Castor oil, instead, is derived from the seed of the Ricinus communis plant. Its main constituent is ricinoleic acid, a compound that has both moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately, this combination doesn’t, however, seem to keep lips hydrated for long. After a couple of hours, you’ll have to reapply again. I wouldn’t mind if this was a lipstick, but from a lip balm, I expect longer staying power.

petrolatum, ceresin, ricinus communis oil, oleyl alcohol, parfum, butrospermum parkii butter, persea gratissima oil, tocopheryl acetate, helianthus annuus seed oil, BHT, BHA, neohosperidin dihydrchalcone, CI 47005.

Available at: amazon

Labrosan Pina Colada Lip Balm has a creamy texture that goes on smoothly, leaving lips soft and moisturized, but only for a couple of hours. And while it has a lovely coconut and pineapple scent, it doesn’t have a taste at all.

Rating: 3.5/5

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