Does Shampooing Cause Hair Loss?

shampooing hair loss

Shampooing is often blamed for hair loss and it’s easy to see why. Whenever you wash your hair, a few end up down the drain, leading you to think that your shampoo contains some nasty chemicals that are ruining your locks. But that’s just a myth.

Shampooing doesn’t cause hair loss

Shampooing doesn’t cause hair loss. The truth is we all lose about 150 hairs every day. Although this sounds scary, whenever a hair sheds, there’s a new one ready to take its place. If during shampooing you seem to lose more than normal, it’s only because the rubbing you’re doing to spread the shampoo evenly on your scalp and clean it may dislodge those hairs that are ready to shed. But if they aren’t about to fall out, they won’t. It’s only when you see a reduction in hair density that you should start to worry, but even that’s not caused by shampooing.

Not shampooing can contribute to hair loss

Shampooing less often, which you may have been tempted to do if you erroneously thought it was making your hair fall out, may, however, contribute to hair loss. How? Well, if you don’t wash your hair regularly, the dead skin cells will accumulate on the scalp, causing itching, dandruff and seborrhea. This inflames skin, making hair loss worse.

So, keep washing your hair as normal. Your shampoo won’t make it fall off.

Are you dealing with hair loss? If so, how regularly are you washing your hair?

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