New Collection: Disney Ariel Collection By Sephora

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The Little Mermaid is, after Cinderella, my favourite Disney movie, so I’m really excited Sephora has now dedicated a collection to this beautiful tale and its determined, headstrong and charming protagonist.

This summer dive into a daring journey of curiosity and discovery with the Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by SEPHORA, an assortment of color cosmetics, a signature fragrance and princess-worthy accessories that are inspired by the world under the sea and bold determination of Ariel from the classic Disney animated film, The Little Mermaid. The Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by SEPHORA captures the ethereal, yet vibrant colors depicted in the film in a stunning array of treasures, beyond your wildest dreams.

This gorgeous palette, which features an image of Ariel in the grotto where she keeps her collected treasures, contains 20 bright eyeshadows, inspired by the hues in the Disney movie:

Blue Lagoon: the moon shimmering on the lagoon (shimmering blue)
Scuttle: Ariel’s skintone while talking to Scuttle (shimmering pinky beige)
Flounder: Flounder coming out of the water (matte nude)
Sebastian: Sebastian’s face (matte coraly pink)
Flotsam: Flotsam in the shadows (deep blue charcoal)
Sea Shells: Ariel’s sisters singing (shimmering ivory)
Les Poissons: Chef Louis’ bloodthirsty shadow in the ‘Le Poissons’ scene (dusty satin muave)
Caspian Sea: light reflecting through the water on Atlantica (shimmering rich turquoise)
Your Voice: Ursula striking a deal with Ariel (glistening silver pearl)
Unfortunate Souls: the smoke during Ursula’s finale (matte lavender grey)
Atlantica: the shimmering turquoise colors of Atlantica (shimmering sea foam green)
Fins: Ariel’s fin under the sea (glittery mermaid green)
Sick of Swimmin’: Ariel’s first breath of air with legs (shimmering opalescent)
Ursula: Ursula’s skintone in the shadows (pearly purple)
Sha La La La: fish chorus singing to Ariel and Eric (matte dark fuchsia)
Triton: the King shooting his triton (shimmering gold)
Wanderin’ Free: Ariel imaging herself with legs (shimmering pink champagne)
Jetsam: Jetsam’s fins in the shadows (deep teal with dark iridescent glitter)
Sea Witch: the Sea Witch in all her power and glory (pearly violet)
Treasures Untold: glistening water from King’s triton (opalescent pale pink)

sephora disney ariel collection 01
What’s-It: matte clay grey
Who’s-It: glittering white
Dinglehopper: iridescent light teal
Snarfblat: violet with iridescent glitter

sephora disney ariel collection 04
Dream Girl: perky pink
Sea Witch: bold berry
Redhead: rich red
Mermaid: courageous coral

sephora disney ariel collection 03
We In Luck Here: creamy coral red
Hotter Under The Water: creamy plum
Ariel: rich pearly turquoise
Off The Hook: pearly silver chrome
Life Is The Bubbles: iridescent glittery shimmer
Devotin’ To Floatin’: pearlescent teal

sephora disney ariel collection 05
KISS THE GIRL EAU DE PARFUM ($58.00 / $19.00)
An invigorating new fragrance inspired by the magical moment of true love’s first kiss. This captivating scent opens with a refreshing burst of bergamot, wet cucumber, and ozonic accord, and is brought to life with a splash of water notes, wild lilac and starfruit, all fused together with warm sandalwood and sensual velvet sensations of ambergris to make the moment last forever.

sephora disney ariel collection 02
A beautifully designed deep sea treasure.

The collection is already available at and will hit stores next month.

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  1. says

    Oh I was such a fan of the Little Mermaid when I was much younger. I wanted Ariel’s red hair so badly. In fact when i was finally allowed to color my hair, I dyed it red! Really like the look of the big palette. Such beautiful colours.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Tine, isn’t the Little Mermaid a beautiful tale? I lost count of how many times I watched the movie as a child. And Ariel’s hair is so pretty.

      The palette is my favourite piece in the collection too. The colours are beautiful indeed.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Kiss & Make-up, Ariel is awesome, isn’t she? She’s so determined to make her dreams come true. Love the mirror as well, very pretty.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, Jasmine was my least favourite collection so far. But Ariel is very very beautiful. Love the compact too.

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