New Collection: Paul & Joe Fall 2013

paul & joe fall collection 2013 04

Paul & Joe’s fall collection features glowy shades for eyes and cheeks, and richer hues for the lips to transform you into a fairytale princess. The packaging, as always, is whimsical and pretty. Here are more details:

paul & joe fall collection 2013 01
paul & joe fall collection 2013 02
paul & joe fall collection 2013 03
Princess (085): creamy pink, soft lavender and champagne gold
Fairytale (086): snow white, dusty rose and sparkling silver
La Belle Époque (087): lovely lilac, smoky charcoal and platinum

paul & joe fall collection 2013 05
True Black (01): deep black
Sepia Brown (02): natural brown

paul & joe fall collection 2013 07
This pretty powder has an airy light texture that provides a youthful glow to the complexion and absorbs excess oil. Available in three shades, all housed in Paul & Joe’s signature white and pink box:
Cameo (01): powdery pink adds a healthy hue for luminous cheeks
Fair (02): soft sandy shade makes you the fairest of them all
Buff (03): warm beige tone leaves skin with a healthy, radiant glow

paul & joe fall collection 2013 04
LIPSTICK CS ($17.00)
Once Upon A Time… (081): bright and bold pumpkin
Far, Far Away (082): soft pink
Happily Ever After (083): rich magenta

(009): perfect pastel leaves dance across this gorgeous, grey case
(010): dreamy, peachy rosebuds evoke the essence of a fairytale land
(011): the trendy tribal print makes for a wildly wonderful case

paul & joe fall collection 2013 06
This serum masks promise to hydrate, soothe and illuminate skin.

Not all the products will be released at the same time. The eyeshadow sets, lipsticks and eyeliners will be available in August and everything else will slowly follow in September and October. Will you be getting anything?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, it’s a beautiful collection, isn’t it? Paul & Joe isn’t available here either, but thank goodness for online shopping! I get my fix at asos although they don’t have all the products.

  1. Julia says

    I have never tried any P&J products but I always admire their packaging. These items look so adorable-vintage-vibe, that I almost want to buy for the packaging alone. Sadly I don’t see any colors that interest me though, I already have very similar shades from other brands.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Julia, I feel the same about P&J. The shades are very dupable, but the packaging is so adorable! I’ve got a couple of their products just for that reason, although luckily, they work really well and so I use them quite a lot.

  2. Janessa says

    Paul and Joe makeup is so pretty! I have never bought anything from them though because they seem so overpriced for products I can’t find reviews of.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, it’s a shame not many people review Paul & Joe products, isn’t it? I wish they were available here, so I could let you know how well they work. I tried one of their face powders that came in the form of little pearls, like the Guerlain meteorites, and it was lovely, though.

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