Should I Wear Sunscreen In Front Of Mirrors?

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We all know that we should wear sunscreen if we spend quite a lot of time in front of windows. Glass is able to block all UVB rays, which are those responsible for sunburns, but they still allow UVA rays, those nasty rays that cause premature aging and contribute to skin cancer, in. But what about mirrors? If your house or your workplace is decorated with big mirrors, should you worry about them reflecting UV light and damaging your skin?

Unfortunately yes. Mirrors are made of glass and so, while they absorb all UVB rays, they reflect most of the UVA light. And when UVA light hits your skin, it will damage it. This damage is sneaky as it doesn’t show up straight away, but it accumulates overtime and will cause you to develop wrinkles, and sun spots, earlier than you normally would. The back of the mirror can cause problems too. While some companies coat the backs of their mirrors with silver, a lot of them still prefer to use aluminum, and aluminum can reflect UVA light too.

Luckily, you can easily prevent UVA rays from harming your skin by wearing sunscreen. Of course, mirrors are a concern only when you spend a lot of time in front of them, which is mainly the case if you have lots of them around the house or at work. In that case, make sure you wear at least a moisturizer with SPF indoors too. As for me, I only have small mirrors at home and I don’t spend much time in front of them, so I’m personally not too concerned about it, but I still apply sunscreen every morning anyway to keep my skin protected all day long, wherever I am.

Do you wear sunscreen when you are in a room full of mirrors?

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  1. Janessa says

    I wear sunscreen when the sun is out! :) I don’t apply it to my arms and legs if I’m wearing short sleeves and indoors. I have a giant mirror in my room right across from the window.

  2. Viv says

    Lol – for some reason this reminds me of a saying my mother had “Don’t spend too long looking into the mirror or else you’ll see the devil looking over your shoulder!”. Actually we don’t have many mirrors at home, and none where I work – so not a problem. Though we do apply sunscreen anyway!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Viv, I’m glad you don’t have this problem. But I agree, it’s best to apply sunscreen every day anyway. :)

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