Product Review: Sleek Makeup I-Divine Showstoppers Eyeshadow Palette

sleek makeup showstoppers palette 03

Name: I-Divine Showstoppers Eyeshadow Palette
Brand: Sleek Makeup
Size: 12×1.1g
Price: £7.99

From the press release:
This online exclusive palette features twelve of Sleek Makeup’s legendary eye shadow shades, each one singled out from Sleek Makeup’s renowned I-Divines, chosen for their supreme pigmentation, bold colour and spectacular finish. With a wide range of shades in 3 different finishes, including five matte shades, six shimmer and one party-perfect sparkle shade!

What I liked:
– nice mix of neutral and colourful, light and dark shades in different finishes
– all the shades have good colour payoff
– texture is soft to the touch and easy to blend
– good staying power
– the packaging

What I didn’t like:
– the matte shades are less pigmented than the shimmering ones and slightly powdery

With its latest I-Divine palette Showstoppers, Sleek Makeup pays homage to its many, much-loved, predecessors. The new, online-exclusive palette features 12 shades, in 3 different finishes (5 matte, 6 shimmering and 1 sparkling) singled out from previous I-Divine Palettes. They’re not all exact dupes though. For instance, Storm, a creamy shade taken from the palette that bears the same name, is slightly more pink than the original.

Bohemian, a deep navy blue, is slightly lighter in this palette than it is in the original Bohemian palette. But the differences are minimal and not enough to justify the purchase of this palette if you already have all the previous ones. If, instead, you have only a bunch of Sleek Makeup palettes, this would make a fantastic buy. I really love the colour selection. It screams autumn rather than spring to me, but the mix of colourful and neutral, dark and light shades is very versatile.

sleek makeup Showstoppers Shades

Before I start describing the shades in more detail, I need to point out that their names were printed wrong on the protective sheet that comes with the palette. I noticed it when confronting the shades in the palette with those on the press release (picture above). On my protective sheet for instance, the coral shade is called Bohemian, while in the press release it’s marked as Oh So Special, which actually makes more sense because you can find the same shade in the latter palette but there’s no trace of it in the former.

Most of the shades are named differently in the press release and on the protective acetate sheet, so I emailed the lovely Traci at Sleek Makeup and she confirmed that there was a misprint in the latter. Because of it, in describing the shades, I followed the names given them in the press release and not, like I’ve seen several other bloggers do, those printed on the sheet. So, if you’re read other reviews and are wondering why the same shades bear different names, this is the reason. :) So, what do the shades look like?

sleek makeup showstoppers palette 04

Paraguaya: a light matte pinky nude. Although I swatched it heavily, you can’t really see it in the swatch above because it is pretty much the same colour as my skin. I think it will show up better on ladies with a darker skintone. It has good colour payoff and is great for highlighting the browbone.
Sunset: dark brown burgundy with golden shimmers.
Bad Girl: a shimmering off-white shade that’s perfect for highlighting the browbone.
Me, Myself & Eye: my favourite shade in the palette, it is a beautiful and shimmering olive green.
Graphite: shimmering gumnetal grey.
Noir: matte black.

sleek makeup showstoppers palette 05

Ultra Mattes V2: medium matte grey.
Oh So Special: light matte coral.
Bohemian: matte dark navy blue.
Storm: shimmering nude cream. It’s another great browbone highlighter.
Sparkle: deep purple with silver glitter.
Au Naturel: dark reddish brown with a shimmering finish.

sleek makeup showstoppers palette 01

The quality of the eyeshadows is just the same as always. All the shades have good colour payoff and have a soft texture that’s to apply. But, as always, the matte shades (especially Ultra Mattes V2 and Noir, which isn’t as dark as a black should be, but it’s easily buildable) are slightly less pigmented than the shimmering ones. The matte shades are also slightly powdery, but I didn’t really experience any fallout, so this didn’t really bother me at all.

sleek makeup showstoppers palette 02

On my slightly oily lids, Sleek Makeup eyeshadows stay put for about 6 hours before they start to migrate into the creases of the eyes. But with the help of a primer, staying power is greatly improved: the shades won’t budge for the entire day.

Available at:, from April 10th.

Sleek Makeup I-Divine Showstoppers Eyeshadow Palette features 5 matte, 6 shimmering and 1 sparkling shades, all of which have good colour payoff and a soft texture that’s easy to apply and blend. The matte shades, however, are slightly less pigmented, and more powdery, than the shimmering ones. The colour selection, which features colorful and neutral, light and dark shades, is very versatile, but screams more autumn than spring to me.

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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  1. Janessa says

    Soo pretty! Thanks for swatching the shadows widely and next to each other. It’s much more helpful in getting a sense of the palette. Sorry I just returned from a trip this spring break and ill be sure to catch back up. Just wanted to let you know.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, it’s lovely to hear from you again. I missed our chats! I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip! :)

      And it’s a gorgeous palette, isn’t it?

  2. Janessa says

    :) so happy for you it was sent to you because you sure do thorough reviews and love Sleek makeup! :) who is a better candidate than that?? You even caught the mislabeling on the protective sheet and the swatches very clearly show what the colors look like in real life along with the finish of the shades. :) well done, Gio!

      • beautifulwithbrains says

        Janessa, aww thank you! I was really happy to get the chance to try this palette, it has some beautiful shades. Me, Myself & I is my favourite one too. It’s so pretty!


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