Product Review: Clarissa Nails Mattoncino Bi-fase Superlucidante Per Unghie

clarissa nails mattoncino bi-fase superlucidante per unghie 01

Name: Mattoncino Bi-fase Superlucidante Per Unghie
Brand: Clarissa Nails
Price: €4.20

From Glossybox’s website:
E-nail isn’t a simple smoothing nail file, but a beauty tool to make nails shiny, and guarantee a longlasting mirror-effect. Its sides provide two different actions: the side slightly more abrasive allows to delicately file nails without damaging them and to smooth out any flaws on the nail bed; the smoother side makes nails shiny, providing a mirror-like effect. The result? A perfectly-polished hand in just a few minutes.

What I liked:
– the abrasive part is gentle, smooths out the nail bed without damaging it
– the smooth part makes nails very shiny
– nails look naturally polished

What I didn’t like:
– abrasive part could cause some minor damage if used too vigorously
– the mirror-like shine effect doesn’t last very long
– not available outside of Europe

Mattoncino Bi-fase Superlucidante Per Unghie by Clarissa Nails is a brick-shaped tool with an abrasive surface on one side to smooth out the nails and a glossy, smooth surface on the other to make them shine. I received it last year in the last GlossyBox I purchased (I decided to unsubscribe from the service because they kept sending me skincare products that broke me out), but I left it laying in a drawer for months because I’m wary of abrasive products as, if not used carefully, they can do more harm that good.

clarissa nails mattoncino bi-fase superlucidante per unghie 02

I’ve rediscovered it a couple of months ago while sorting out my stash and decided to give it a go. I proceeded with caution, but I shouldn’t have worried. The abrasive, grey, part is actually quite gentle and smooths out any imperfections on the nails without damaging them (unless you scrub too vigorously, of course). As a result, my nail polishes go on smoother too.

After smoothing out the nails, it’s time to make them shine with the help of the white glossy side. The result is really impressive. I love how shiny and healthy my nails look after this little pampering treatment. You don’t really need to apply nail polish afterwards if you don’t want. This little brick (that’s what mattoncino means by the way) makes bare nails look very pretty and polished, like if you had applied a clear nail polish. Only there’s no drying time.

clarissa nails mattoncino bi-fase superlucidante per unghie 03

However, this mirror-like effect doesn’t last too long. The next day the shine is still there, but it is a lot more subtle. I guess this is to be expected though. Still, I love to use the brick whenever I have any imperfections on my nails that need to be smoothed out or on days when I decide not to wear nail varnish, to make my nails look naturally polished. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is available outside of Europe, but if you come across it, and you’re into nail care, you should consider giving it a go.

Available at: clarissa nails stores

Clarissa Nails Mattoncino Bi-fase Superlucidante Per Unghie features an abrasive side that gently smooths out any imperfections on the nail bed (thus allowing nail polishes to glide on more smoothly) without damaging it, and a glossy, smooth side that makes nails very shiny. The result? Polished and shiny nails in just a few minutes.

Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      LaDamaBianca, questo è il primo (e finora l’unico) che ho usato e devo dire che ne sono rimasta molto soddisfatta.

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