Product Review: Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

gucci guilty pour homme

Name: Guilty Pour Homme
Brand: Gucci
Size: 1.6oz
Price: $62.00

What I liked:
– if you like safe and wearable scents, this is for you
– the bottle

What I didn’t like:
– lacks originality and personality
– poor staying power

If you’re wondering what Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is guilty of, is of being very boring, dull and predictable. The brand claims that the Gucci Guilty man is a “a risk-taker, a thrill-seeker, yet he always remains sensitive to a woman’s desires; exuding charisma and more than a little dangerous. His life may be under his control, but he refuses to exert any restraints over his passions. His power resides in knowing that power is a game, and he is ready to play this game to the full when he meets his female match….”

In reality, far from being a powerful and seductive weapon for alpha males, Gucci Guilty is a fragrance without personality that’s more suitable for men who want something safe and conformist that won’t attract too much attention to themselves. Described as an aromatic fougere, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme opens with a messy lavender, lime and orang blossom blend with accents of pink pepper. All those notes hit your nose at once, and despite being very sheer and hardly distinctive, they’re not that well-blended together, hence why it smells messy.

As the fragrance progresses, a warm woody accord makes its appearance. Creamy cedar and sandalwood are mixed with patchouli, which is so tame here that even those who dislike this nose will be able to wear it easily. None of its more pungent, rich and animalic aspects are present here. Overall, the fragrance smells nice, but completely lacks originality. Staying power isn’t that good either. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme will last only a few hours on the skin, and will have to be reapplied at least a couple of times throughout the day.

Available at: amazon and sephora

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is an aromatic fougere that lacks personality, originality and staying power. It smells nice but it’s one of those scents that won’t leave any distinct memory.

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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  1. Janessa says

    I’ve smelled so many unoriginal perfumes I find these kind of scents offputting. I’d rather smell nothing at all than these generic-like scents. My internet was down, so I couldn’t check my email :[

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, it is the same for me. Generic blends are so boring!

      Sorry to hear that, it’s so frustrating when that happens. Hope it’s working ok again.

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