Know Your Ingredients: 1,2 Hexanediol

1 2 hexanediol

What it is
1,2 Hexanediol is a clear colourless to light yellow liquid.

What it does
1,2 Hexanediol is a solvent: it helps to dissolve other substances.

Side effects
1,2 Hexanediol is generally considered to be safe.

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  1. Janessa says

    Thanks for continuing these posts even though they don’t get many comments. I think it’s because it’s not as easy to think of a comment for ingredients. I think these types of posts and the history ones are what makes you stand out! 😀
    For now, they shall be our convo posts hehe.

    Hopefully my latest package is safe and sound with you! I haven’t sent a new one yet but I will in March with the Color Tattoos and other surprises. Remember to always let me know what you’re interested in, seriously! Even for limited edition collections, I’ll gladly stalk the website to get you the product.
    You are everso deserving of them.

    While I’m not memorizing the ingredients as best as I could, I am reading them a lot more especially on skincare products. I found out myristates have broken me out. I thought it was my sunscreen but when I used this face cream with myristates, it left me with evils on my skin that went away after I discontinued use.

    You’ve saved my skin!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, you’re welcome. And I think that’s the reason too as whenever I do a survey, ingredient posts always end up to be among the favourites. And yay, for our convo posts. :)

      I actually meant to email you last night, but I was just so busy that I didn’t have the time. Your package arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for sending it to me. I love absolutely everything. I’m in love with the Tarte blushes, the Wet n Wild palette is so pigmented and the Hourglass gloss is beautiful. And the Chanel Dragon! I had given up all hope of everything trying it now that it has been discontinued and you sent me one! And then you want to send me more stuff! I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am. You’re spoling me and I’m not sure I deserve it, but thank you so much. I will send you an email to thank you more properly later. :)

      And you’re welcome. I don’t understand why myristates haven’t gained a bad reputation yet. People always blame silicones, mineral oil or sunscreen ingredients, most of which aren’t comedogenic by the way, for breakouts, when most of the times they are caused by the myristates (and palmitates), which are among the most comedogenic ingredients used in skincare. It’s so unfair.

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