Product Review: Astor Pure Color Eye Shadow in 130 Cocoa Rose

astor pure color eye shadow cocoa rose 02

Name: Pure Color Eye Shadow in 130 Cocoa Rose
Brand: Astor
Price: €5,99

From Astor’s website:
A unique formula with more than 90% natural and naturally derived ingredients, infused with a precious flower blend: Orchid, Passion Flower, Geranium, Cornflower, Lavender. Non-drying, its “petal touch” texture stays comfortable all day long for intense colors, as pure and vibrant as in nature. Soft application and more precision thanks to the new applicator.

What I liked:
– embossed with a pretty floral design
– soft texture, easy to blend, not powdery

What I didn’t like:
– lacks pigmentation
– needs a primer to last long on the lids

Some eyeshadows look so pretty in the pan that it’s hard to find the heart to use them. And when you do, you realise that they were better left untouched. They’re as pretty to look at as they are disappointing to use. That’s the case with Astor Pure Color Eye Shadow in 130 Cocoa Rose. The eyeshadow duo is embossed with a pretty floral design that reminds us of the flower blend they are infused with (although what its use is in an eyeshadow perplexes me).

astor pure color eye shadow cocoa rose 03

Cocoa Rose features a soft peachy pink shade and a pastel lilac hue, both of which have a nice sheen to them. Astor claims they are intense and “vibrant as in nature”, but unfortunately, that’s not true at all. Colour payoff is seriously lacking here. Applied on bare lid, they don’t show up at all. On top of a primer, which will also help them to hold up for 8 hours, they provide a very soft and natural wash of colour that’s barely visible to the naked eye.

And keep in mind that I have pale skin. On darker skintones, I doubt they will show up even with a base. I suppose such shades have their uses though. If you’re a fair princess looking for a cheap eyeshadow duo to give that natural “no makeup” makeup look that can easily be worn at the office or at school, this will do the job. Or, considering how low its price it, you could also buy it to add it to your collection of pretty makeup items without breaking the bank. After all, it’s still very beautiful to look at.

astor pure color eye shadow cocoa rose 01

The texture is lovely. It’s smooth to the touch and not powdery at all. And it blends easily too. But still that’s not enough to make up for the lack of pigmentation. What’s the use of being able to blend an eyeshadow easily, if you can’t see the result? As for the applicator, which has a curved shape, well… that’s pretty useless too. If you really want to use these eyeshadows, apply them with your own brushes.

Available at: European drugstore

Astor Pure Color Eye Shadow in 130 Cocoa Rose features soft and delicate peachy pink and lilac shades that barely show up on fair skin and not at all on darker skintones. Soft to the touch, the texture is easy to blend and lasts about 8 hours if used with a primer. I’d only recommend it to makeup collectors or fair-skinned women who are into very natural, “no makeup” makeup looks.

Rating: 2/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, it’s a disappointment when something this pretty doesn’t perform well, isn’t it? But you’re right, there are lots of pretty eyeshadows that work well out there to be too sad over this one. :)

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