New Collection: Essence Oz The Great And Powerful Spring 2013


Just in time for the movie release of “Oz the great and powerful” in Europe, Essence has launched a new collection that will turn you all into makeup wizards. Named like the movie, the new spring collection features gold, red, green, soft pink and blue shades, cracking top coats, lip balms that change colour and lots more. Here are more details:

These metallic eyeshadows embossed with a hot-air balloon design are available in #01 Goodness, #02 Kindness and #03 Generosity.

EYE PENCIL (€1.49)
These shimmering eye pencils are available in #01 Fragile but Feisty and #02 China Girl.

This delicate, shimmering highlighter is available in #01 The Great and Powderful.

This creamy blush gives your cheeks a fresh look. Available in #01 Beware the Wicked Witch.

Available in pink and red shades, they turn into an intense pink when applied. How intense depends on your natural lip colour. These lips balms are called #01 Glinda the Good and #02 Master of Magic.

Available in #01 Master of Illusion, #02 Winds of Change, #03 Good Witch, #04 Winged Wonder and #05 Delicate but Determined.

NECKLACE (€2.99)
A pretty necklace with a black satin band and emerald-green stone.

What do you think of this enchanting collection?

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  1. Janessa says

    I don’t see Oz in the colors or packaging aside from the blunt print. A magical, powerful collection needs contrast! Where is the glitter, the darks and lights… bold colors, the light and shimmery ones? The eyeshadows should have a duo-color so that OZ reads better.
    I realize this is Essence, not Urban Decay nor a high-end brand, but I wouldn’t allow my company (had I one) to launch a collection like this. The highlighting powder is mediocre at best.

    I am not impressed with this collection. My purpose of this comment, despite my lack of interest in the collection, is for the sole purpose of writing on your blog post! This is not a dislike rant, but for my impression of this release. :]

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, feel free to criticize any collections you don’t like. We all have different tastes and not every collection can be amazing anyway. Some will disappoint and it’s ok to say so. :)

      I believe the “magic” bit is in the lip balm changing colour once applied and the cracking top coat. At this price point, one can’t really ask much more, but I love your ideas for this collection. Had they gone down that rude, they would have create something special indeed.

      • Janessa says

        :) thanks, Gio. I would like to see a blue lip balm that changes to a berry color or a purple that applies pink. That would be magic-like too.
        And your kind replies keep me commenting 😀

        • beautifulwithbrains says

          Awww that would be awesome! I hope someone will invent something like that soon.

          And I’m glad they do, I love to read your comments. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Annabella, I think this collection is lovely, but it doesn’t fit the theme of the movie very well. Had it been just another spring collection, with no association to the movie, it may not have disappointed people so much. And I agree, a collection about the Wizard of Oz needs some glitter. :)

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