Product Review: Sleek Makeup Eyelashes In Russian Blue And Siamese

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Name: Eyelashes in Russian Blue and Siamese
Brand: Sleek Makeup
Price: £6.49

From Sleek Makeup’s website:
Sleek MakeUP’s new range of false lashes pays homage to feline beauty with eight different lashes in the collection.
Each pair has a unique style with lashings of individuality! Formulated from natural fibres that lends a soft feel and finish. Each pair comes with lash adhesive for easy, effective application.

What I liked:
– lots of different styles to choose from
– made with natural fibres, they feel very lightweight
– they add a lot of length and volume
– Russian Blue eyelashes give an outrageous, over-the-top look perfect for parties
– Siamese eyelashes provide a dramatic, but not overly-so, look suitable for nights out
– easy to remove
– affordable

What I didn’t like:
– lash band is quite strong so you need to do a little bending to make application easier
– glue dries really fast, so if you’re not quick enough, application becomes tricky
– glue doesn’t dry clear, so you may have to cover it up with black eyeliner

Sleek Makeup has just released a new range of affordable false lashes inspired by feline beauty. The eight pairs of lashes in the collection, which are available in different styles from natural-looking to over-the-top (there really is something for everyone!), are also named after cat breeds. How cute is that?

sleek makeup eyelashes 03

Made with natural fibres, these are the most lightweight lashes I’ve ever tried. You can wear them comfortably all day as they don’t feel heavy at all. The lash band is quite strong, so you would need to bend it a little to make the eyelashes more flexible and ready for application.

Each pair also comes with an eyelash glue. The glue is housed in a little tube, and attached to its cap there’s a thin stick that makes it easy to precisely apply it on the eyelashes. However, the glue dries really fast and so, if you’re not quick enough, applying them can become very tricky. Also, the glue doesn’t really dry clear. You can still see pieces of it, so you may want to cover them with a black eyeliner.

sleek makeup eyelashes 02

The eyelashes I have are Siamese and Russian Blue. Russian Blue eyelashes are outrageous! Because they are very long and add a lot of volume, they don’t really look that natural at all. They are more appropriate for a party, dressing up or editorial looks.

Siamese, instead, has gaps between the eyelashes. They add length and some drama to the lashes, but, unlike Russian Blue, they aren’t over-the-top. I’m not sure I’d wear them during the day though. They’re definitely more appropriate for a night out.

Taking them off is also very easy. Just hold the lash from the outer corner and peel away gently from the lash line. Then, remove any excess lash glue on the band and, once clean, put them back in their box, ready to be used again when you should so inclined.

Available at:

Sleek Makeup Eyelashes in Russian Blue and Siamese are made with natural fibres and feel very lightweight. Because the lash band is strong, it needs bending to make application easier. The glue dries fast, and not clear, so you need to be really quick when you put them on and cover the residue with black eyeliner. Both lashes provide a very dramatic look, but while Russian Blue lashes are outrageous and suitable only for special occasions such as parties, Siamese are more wearable and perfect for evening looks.

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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