QOTW: Does The Winter Change Your Skin?

winter skincare

Does the winter change your skin?

My answer: my body and hands become very dry, probably because I like to shower with very hot water. I know it’s bad for skin, but it’s so nice to warm yourself with a hot shower when it’s really cold outside.

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  1. Janessa says

    I have really dry skin in the winter that moisturizing creams don’t last me 6-8 hours before I really need to reapply again. I’m not sure if that’s a long amount of time, but that’s just like a school day for me and it’s mid afternoon and my skin begs for a drink. Other facial products I apply such as sunscreen may be responsible for some of the dryness but my skin undoubtedly goes much drier in winter.

    I like using a little bit of EVOO or coconut oil on my face sometimes because that really keeps my skin soft. I also switch to body butters instead of plain lotion.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, I’m sorry the cold weather causes such havoc on your skin! 6-8 hours is a decent amount, but have you tried switching to a richer cream? Its effect may last longer.

      And body butters are much better than lotions in winter, I agree.

  2. Eyegraffiti says

    You know what? My skin never gets in the winter mood. Never!
    Maybe it’s because i have such an over the top oily skin, but i never sense the winter weather on my skin.
    Sometimes i wish i could give some of these excess oil to the very dry people!!
    Funny things are haha!!/Azure

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Azure, I wish that was possible too! It’d solve so many problems. Very oily skin is such a nuisance but at least you don’t have to change your skincare routine every few months.

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