New Collection: Catrice Neo Geisha Spring 2013

Hello everyone,

curious to see what Catrice has in store for us this upcoming spring? Well, the brand has taken inspiration from the Japanese Geisha look and put a modern twist on it. The collection, which is called Neo Geisha, unites artistic Japanese elements with facets of the Western World and features red, dark blue, nude, green, pink and purple shades. A combination of classical and modern.

These eyeshadows are embossed with a cute Japanese-style floral design. Available in: 01 Japaneyese, 02 Discreet Artist, 03 Dance In Gion and 04 Planet Tokyo.

KOHL KAJAL (€1.99)
The Kohl Kajal in Ultra Black also doubles up as a traditional hairpin for a modern Geisha look.

8 reusable pairs of self-adhesive patch eyeliners that promise to stay put all day. Apply them to dry, make-up free skin and, at the end of the day, peel them off while holding the outer corner of eye in place.

These creamy lip colours with a matte finish can be used on the cheeks too. Available in: 01 Discreet Artist, 02 Picked Cherry Blossoms and 03 Madam Butterfly.

Available in: 01 Discreet Artist, 02 Picked Cherry Blossoms, 03 Madam Butterfly, 04 Dance In Gion and 05 Planet Tokyo.

LIP BRUSH (€2.99)
A lip brush in an Asian design with a bamboo-like handle and extra-soft, thick bristles.

The collection will hit the shop next month. Are you planning to buy anything?

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  1. Regn says

    The purple eyeshadow seems to be very similar to Poison Plum by Sugarpill! There are tons of purples everywhere, but it’s so difficult to get hold of this kind of shade. I don’t understand why… The only cheap alternative that I’ve found so far is the Punk Funk quad by ELF. It contains a lot of shimmer, but the purple is quite a match and the pink shade kind of reminds me of Dollipop. Do you know any other dupes? I really hope this collection comes to my country as well! :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Regn, I’m afraid I don’t know of any other dupes. I think it must be hard to come up with this kind of shade as not many brands make it. I heard that MUFE #92 was a good dupe, but to me Poison Plum looks more blue-based. And it wouldn’t be cheaper anyway. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. It really is so frustrating when you can’t find a dupe easily, but I guess that means that Sugarpill is doing something right.

      I hope so as well. :)

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