QOTW: How Do You Decide What Makeup To Bring With You On A Trip?

How do you decide what makeup to bring with you on a trip?

My answer: I like to travel lightly so I choose only a bunch of products that are suitable for every occasion. Usually that means an eyeshadow palette that has both neutral and colourful shades such as Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palette in Original or Storm, a soft black eyeliner, a mascara, a peachy pink blush, two glosses or lippies (a soft pink and a more daring shade like red), and of course foundation and concealer. Oh, and brushes (when I remember; I always seem to forget at least one!).

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  1. says

    I always took… not so much of a basic as “the thing I can’t do without” and that is, well, are, eyelash curlers.
    Lip balm, hand cream and the like.

    Nail polish is my thing and there’s not just possible spillage to worry about, but you have to bring polish remover, too (and there’s a spillage you don’t want), and pack more cotton.

    As far as face makeup is concerned – you either have to bring your own mirror, which is not really a travel-friendly option, or count on the hotel and hotel’s mirrors aren’t really meant for precise eyeliner application, right?

    But when I went away for a month – I wanted a bit more.
    Your off your usual diet, your skin gets drier, you’re simply not at home, so you need something to feel at ease. I might not do any makeup at all if I spent that time at home, but in an unfamiliar place…

    Long story short (too late!), I’ll start packing a bit of colour 😀 .
    One bright lipstick, a nail polish or two.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Ana, oh I had forgotten lip balm. That’s definitely a must. As all the other little essentials we can’t live without.

      I’d love to bring nail polish with me when I travel but I’m too worried about spillage. When that happens, it makes such a huge mess! And don’t get me started on hotel mirrors. And the lightening is really bad too. You can easily make mistakes but I console myself by thinking that no one knows me there anyway.. lol..

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Kuri, that’s a good philosophy. I often forget one or two brushes and have to use my fingers and while that’s fine for some things, it can be really messy for others…

  2. Janessa says

    I pack my makeup depending on trip duration, location (dry, humid, etc.), and purpose. If I’m going on a trip outdoors to learn, I’m going to bring extremely budge-proof products that will last all day and are easy to apply.
    If I’m going on a 3-night trip to a party (if only haha) I’d bring lots of fun, glittery products and ‘extras’ like liquid highlighter AND powder highlighters, several lipglosses and lipsticks. :]
    I definitely bring brushes and a travel-sized spray bottle of brush cleanser.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, that’s a good philosophy too. You want something suitable for the purpose of the trip, rather than bringing a bunch of products you won’t use because they’re not appropriate for the occasion or climate. :)

      • beautifulwithbrains says

        I agree with you ladies. Better keep our LE edition items at home and bring something that we can easily replace. :)

  3. Viv says

    When going away with the family, there’s usually lots of swimming/dashing around, so I always take too much, and end up wearing very little! On a couple of quick weekends away with a couple of the children at an event for them, I took my Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight palette, which has practically all the eye/lip/cheek colour that I needed. Also a BB cream and my Guerlain meteorites/loose kohl. Also took a couple of the perfume sample sprays that I’ve acquired recently. Worked out just about right :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Viv, ain’t that always the way? You’re always afraid to take too little and then you realize it’s actually too much. And palettes like that are very handy for travelling. :)

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