Best Posts Of 2012

Active Ingredients in Sunscreen Products: are you sure that your sunscreen offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays? Check out this post to find what each sunscreen ingredient protects against.

Being Skinny Doesn’t Mean Being Beautiful: we live in a society that tells us that beautiful equals skinny. But that’s not true. Being skinny can not only be unattractive, but can also be dangerous. People come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful.

When Does Sun Damage Start To Appear?: we all know that unprotected sun exposure damages skin. But this damage is sneaky. It won’t show up straight away, but after several years. So don’t think that just because, when you skipped the sunscreen, you didn’t sunburn, your skin wasn’t damaged. It was, so wear sunscreen daily, even in winter to avoid ageing prematurely.

How To Treat Blackheads: blackheads are really ugly and annoying, but getting rid of them and preventing them from rearing their ugly heads again is not that difficult. This post is full of tips to help you keep them at bay.

Spotlight On Ferulic Acid: this is one of the most interesting skincare ingredients available. It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps fight premature aging, prevent sun damage and could even work to treat hyperpigmentation! And it works even better when used together with Vitamins C and E.

Interview with Marina from Makeup 4 All: last April, I’ve the pleasure to interview the lovely Marina from Makeup 4 All. Read the interview to find out why she started blogging, what her favourite beauty products are and lots more!

Are You Cool Or Warm? How To Determine Your Skin’s Undertone: determining what your undertone is can help you choose the colours that look more flattering on you, making you look your best. Take this test to find out if you are warm, cool or neutral toned and what colours you should use to enhance your natural beauty.

When Do Skincare Products Expire?: your skincare products won’t last forever. Read this post to find out what their shelf-life is, how you can prolong it and how you can tell when a product has gone bad.

How To Prepare And Store Homemade Beauty Products Safely: have you ever wanted to try and make your beauty products yourself? It can be really fun, but homemade concoctions need to be prepared and stored carefully to keep them bacteria-free and prevent them from going rancid too soon. This post will explain how to do just that.

Do Cleansing Conditioners Work?: cleansing conditioners are a gentler alternative to shampoos, but are they as effective as well? Or are they a gimmicky waste of money instead?

Do Exfoliating Cleansers Work?: a cleanser and exfoliant in one product? Sounds like a great idea, but is it really really? Or is it just another gimmicky type of product?

Spotlight On Retinyl Palmitate: another very interesting skincare ingredient, this form of Vitamin A has strong antioxidant properties that help fight premature aging and can be used to treat acne too. And, unlike what you may have heard, it’s perfectly safe when used in sunscreens (or in any other beauty product, for that matter).

What’s The Difference Between Tinted Moisturizers And BB Creams?: BB Creams (and CC Creams and even DD Creams!) have taken the beauty world by storm lately, but are they really different from tinted moisturizers? And which one should you choose?

6 Anti-aging Myths Busted!: can moisturizers erase wrinkles? Does facial exercise help to keep your skin younger-looking? Read this post to find out the answer to these, and more, beauty myths about antiaging.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

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  1. Janessa says

    Yay! :) good thing you listed so many since you post daily and they’re all so well written. Hard to pick just a handful!

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