New Collection: Dior Cherie Bow Spring 2013

Dressed with the bow that Christian Dior adored — a throwback to games of love and chance, feminine avatar of the bow tie and an homage to the ribbons worn by the Duchesse de Fontanges, the Chérie Bow collection unfurls…pretty as pink. The couturier found pink to be “the softest of colours”, the colour “of happiness and femininity”. He continually reinvented its hues, from tender ballerina to hot and shocking. Pink received its first couture initials: CD. With Chérie Bow, pink flirts with smoky black and anthracite grey…Pink, black, grey… The palette glows, the harmonies contrast against the skin… Sometimes demure and well-bred, often sizzling and glamorous, always cult, pink has never been this edgy.

Available in Rose Poudre, which features powder pink and grey eyeshadows, and Rose Pearle, which includes pink and white hues. Both palettes also contain a black eyeliner and a lipgloss.

Available in 724 Rose Ballerine and 854 Rose Charmeuse.

These eyeshadows feature, at one end, a smooth texture that spreads a satin or pearly colour, and, at the other, a sponge-pad dusted with shiny powder. Available in 060 Grey Sigh, 090 Fishnet Black, 530 Beige Ribbon and 840 Ballerina Pink.

Available in 659 Tender Coral and 729 Pink Happiness.

It reacts to the level of humidity in the lips to diffuse its active colour effect and reveal their glow.

Available in Charmante, Candide, Bow and Espiègle.

Available in Tulle Pink (delicate candy pink) and Arabesque Pink (coral subtly flushed with pink gold).

An all-in-one nailcare, varnish and glow that a colour-free boost to the nail’s natural shine.

Available in 155 Tutu (soft ballerina pink with a hint of coral), 306 Gris Trianon (soft grey) and 355 Rosy Bow (pink).

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. Janessa says

    ! I want the Dior Addict lipsticks and I’m curious about what the serum does. I looked up some reviews and it’s just a moisturizing lipstick so a lip butter or balm works the same. The twin-set eyeshadow pens look a bit tacky like drugstore design but I don’t know what they truly look like in real life so I can’t judge.
    The bow palettes are the star of the collection! :] Too cute. Even though beauty blogs make me want a lot of things, I also don’t buy most of them (gladly) unless I will use it and I don’t feel like I miss out on them either because seeing a blogger review it makes me feel like I own it.
    Same with gifting. If someone else loves it and makes good use of a product, I’m much happier.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, yes, the serum is a sort of lip balm, but very luxurious and expensive. And I agree with you that those palettes are the star of the collection, they are gorgeous!

      Aww you’re very sweet hun. :)

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