New Collection: Essence Vintage District Spring 2013

Cool hippy attitude meets bohemian chic and street style: the new Essence Spring 2013 Vintage District Collection spreads the flair of the fashion hotspots around the world. To be found in many big cities: art districts with unique and individual shops where the trends of the past come back to life and merge with new styles. Retro colours like rusty red, petrol, grey, peach and brown as well as products with a vintage appearance put you in the mood for the treasures of past generations. The duo lipstick & gloss in two intensive colours and the nail art decoration kit for lots of creative and extraordinary nail designs are the absolute highlights of this trend edition.

These eyeshadows, which are available in #01 I’m So Retro, #02 Shopping @ Portobello Road and #03 Get Arty, feature a cute speckled pattern.

These pigmented eyeshadow eyeliners come with their own brushes. Available in: #01 Shopping @ Portobello Road and #02 Get Arty.

This peach blush is decorated with shimmering golden flowers that add a pop of colour and a nice glow to your complexion. Available in #01 It’s Popul-Art.

This duo features matching lipstick and gloss. Available in #01 Vintage Peach and #02 Antique Pink.

Available in 01 Vintage Peach, #02 Shopping @ Portobello Road, #03 Antique Pink and #04 Get Arty.

Available in #01 Shine Like New, this high-shine top coat gives your nails a popular gel-like finish.

These nail art kit contain pearls, flakes and glitters to decorate your nails with and get that wow-effect! Available in #01 Something G-old – Something New and #02 Designer For a Day.

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. Regn says

    I love limited editions by Essence and it is also my favourite drugstore make-up brand. It’s really cute, fresh, cruelty free and the prices couldn’t be better. Most of the products work for me really well, so I’m also satisfied with the quality. The only thing I’m quite sad about is that we don’t have every limited edition here in the middle Europe. :( The last one was Breaking Dawn Part 2 collection and I’m really curious about what comes next. And what about you? Do you get every LE by Essence in your city?

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Regn, I agree about Essence. Most of their products are great value for money. But it’s really annoying that they don’t release all their LE collections everywhere. Here in Italy, we get most, but not all, of them. And they tend to sell out really soon so you’ll have to go to the counter as soon as they come out or you’ll miss them anyway.

  2. Janessa says

    I think it’s just the font that makes the collection look vintage. Oh, and the primary-like colors.
    Let me know when you receive anything. 😀

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, I agree, but I think it’s a wonderful collection nonetheless. It has some lovely shades and I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. And I will, thank you!

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