Product Review: Paul & Joe Spring 2013

Hello everyone,

the holidays haven’t even arrived yet and spring collections are already starting to pop up left, right and center. Isn’t that crazy? And it’s even crazier that most of them will be released next month! Don’t brands know that spring begins in March? Oh well, all craziness asides, the new collections are absolutely gorgeous.

One of my favourites is from Paul & Joe. Once again the brand has created a cheerful but elegant collection that features feminine and chic shades, perfect for spring, and a playful and whimsical packaging. Let’s see what it includes, shall we?

EYE COLOR CS ($28.00)
Inspired by the romantic allure of the City of Light, Paul & Joe’s latest Eye Color CS collection is an ode to all things Parisian, and feature playful patterns replicated from the famous merry-go-round in the heart of the city. The shades available are:
082 Calliope: blushing beige and bold brown
083 Montmartre: greens
084 La Belle Époque: powdery pink and smoky gray

CHEEK COLOR & COMPACT ($18.00; $8.00 for compact)
Ten beautiful new blush duos to give a pop of colour to your cheeks and a vintage inspired compact embossed with a pretty chrysanthemum pattern. The new blush shades available are:
01 Secret d’Or:champagne gold and delicate yellow
02 Re-Belle: shining rose and warm apricot
03 Gigi: two soft pinks
04 Cinema: playful coral
05 Gamine: earthy, natural pink
06 Mon Ami: deep lavender and dusty rose
07 Prima Donna: bright pink and caramel
08 Candy: orange and pink
09 Peaches ‘n’ Cream: soft gold and yellow
10 Ombrage: rusty gold

001 Swirl: Base colors of pinkish-purple and dewy green combined with an antique-style gold Secret d’Or create a bright spring finish by evening skin tone for a natural look.

LIPSTICK CS ($17.00)
These luscious lipsticks feature an image of a Parisian carousel on the bullet. How cute is that? The shades available are:
078 Carousel: peachy pink
079 Merry-Go-Round: bright coral with warm, rosy tones
080 Manège: sultry fuchsia pink

006: it features images of canary and sky blue elephants
007: it is decorated with images of felines in avocado, coffee and cream colors
008: a girly, pink patterned case

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. Janessa says

    I have always loved Paul and Joe makeup packaging but I’ve never actually owned any of their products. I just can’t bring myself to buy something for packaging only. For the price, I’d prefer an outstanding product rather than cute cats on my okay lipstick. If I wanted cute cats, I’d buy myself a kitten coin purse or the like.
    :] One day, though, one day, I shall treat myself to their adorable makeup.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, their packaging is always so gorgeous! But I agree that for the price, you should test the product and make sure it’s good before purchasing. The quality of their stuff is usually good though (although I’m sure there are a few duds in their line as in everyone else’s too), and cute packaging is always a plus.
      Definitely a nice way to treat yourself once in a while.

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