Wanted! Pupa Pupart Eyeshadow Palettes And Degrade & Bubble Nail Art Kits

Hello everyone,

Pupa, one of my favourite Italian brands, has just released some new wonderful eyeshadow palettes and intriguing nail art kits for those who, like me, have neither the skills nor the patience to create stunning special effects on their nails. Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

These gorgeous palettes contains 9 coordinating eyeshadows in four different finishes – iridescent, pearly, satin and matt – that allow you to easily create looks for every occasion: basic, chic, smoky and glamour. All the eyeshadows have a soft texture and are easy to blend. Available in:
Pupart 1: create a basic nude look with these neutral shades ranging from beiges to browns, greys to blacks.
Pupart 2: prefer the smoky look? This palettes features white, grey, blue, purple and black shades for an elegant and dramatic look.
Pupart 3: this palette, which features pink, plum, taupe and brown shades is perfect to create a romantic and feminine look.
Pupart 4: a palette chockfull of glamorous and fashionable shades, ranging from blue to green, from white to gold, and from brown to black.

Like nail art but are too clumsy to do it? Me too. For people like us, Pupa has just released some nail art kits that will make it extremely easy even for those with the most unsteady hands to create a beautiful and elegant dégradé effect. The kit contains a Lasting Color, which with its intense pigmentation and brightness, creates the perfect base for the manicure and a Degrade Top Coat, which makes nail polish colour turn from light to dark, giving nails an ultra glossy, long lasting finish. The kits available, which are easy to use, are: Blue Degrade, Violet Degrade, Green Degrade, Terracotta Degrade, Taupe Degrade and Pink Degrade.

First, you apply a coat of Lasting Color nail polish on all nails and wait 5 minutes to let it dry completely. Apply a second coat and let it dry for 10 minutes. Then, apply a coat of Dégradé Top Coat from ring finger to thumb; then another coat of Dégradé Top Coat from middle finger to thumb; then apply Top Coat on index and thumb and a last coat just on the thumb. Wait for 3 minutes between each application to let it dry completely. I really like this idea. It may take a little longer to do your manicure, but the result is worth it!

Yep, Pupa has jumped on the caviar manicure bandwagon too. Each of the six limited edition kits available features a Lasting Colour, an intensely pigmented nail polish to create the perfect base for this manicure; Bubbles, which are small, coloured, glass pearls with a bright finish to give the look a 3D effect; and a special tray made of anti-static plastic to help you create the bubbles nail art, as it allows you to work without wasting any of the small pearls.

The kits available are: Black Bubbles, Violet Bubbles, Blue Bubbles, Multicolor Bubbles, Grey Bubbles and White Bubbles. Although I like the effect, I’ve never been a huge fan of this manicure simply because it’s not very practical, especially when you have to do the housework. But I love how affordable these kits are and the multicoloured bubble kit is intriguing and fun enough to tempt me to give it a go too.

What do you think of these products? Do you find them intriguing or boring?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, the Degrade kits are such a great idea, aren’t they? I have mixed feelings about the Bubbles instead as that manicure is pretty but unpractical. Although when I saw the swatches of the multicoloured kit, I was intrigued and curious to try at least that.

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