New Collections: Zoya Ornate and Gilty Pleasure Holiday 2012

This holiday season, ornate and decorate your nails with shimmering and glittering shades that will make them shine like precious jewels. The six shades in Ornate, the new Zoya collection for the holidays, have a full coverage formula that’s free of Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde:

AURORA ZP646: iridescent plum
BLAZE ZP641: glittering raspberry
ELECTRA ZP642: gllittering silver
LOGAN ZP647: glittering green
STORM ZP645: shimmering black
ZIV ZP644: glittering gold

These new pretty and festive shades will be released in December and retail at €14,00 each.

Already available in shops, instead, is Gilty Pleasure (€50.00), a new luxurious gift set that will turn your nails into beautiful jewels. Housed in an elegant black velvet box, there are two nail polishes and a a golden top coat. Paint your nails with either Raven, a chic black, or Purity, an opalescent white, and finish the look with a coat of Gilty, an exclusive top coat with 18K golden flecks that will make your nails truly shine!

What do you think of these collections? Do they tempt you?

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  1. Janessa says

    Zoya nailpolish receives such fantastic reviews I want some. But I have this nail supply store that sells brands just as nice for $3-5 a bottle so thrifty me says ‘no!’
    Someday though, like everything else, someday. :]

    Do you have a movie you really like? Sorry if I’ve asked before. I’m on a movie watching adventure? I don’t know the right word. It’s not a spree…
    Oh wells.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, lucky you to have a shop that makes such great deals nearby. I like Zoya polishes but they are more of an expensive treat to enjoy once in a while only. :)

      There are lots of movies I like… The Matrix, The Notebook, The Young Victoria, The Others, P.S. I love you… these are just some that come to mind now but there are more. :) Have you watched any good movies lately?

      • Janessa says

        Yup, I have! my favorites (from this past month):
        1. Wreck it Ralph (of course): very fun and satisfying movie; will buy the DVD and watch it again
        4. Interview with the Vampire: dramatic, slightly scary in one scene (I’m a scardy cat); #4 because I am not one for these types of movies but good moview nonetheless.
        2. Keith: expected a typical plot but it’s unique and leaves a lot for the imagination; watched it because Jesse McCartney is in it
        3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: funny, speaks of relationships.

        I like happy and meaningful movies a lot. No horror for me and I can bare with blood and death, just not horror.

        I am in awe of how much time you spend to reply to all our comments, thank you! I hope you slept well and didn’t stay up too late writing back to all of us.

        • beautifulwithbrains says

          Janessa, I will add them to my to-watch list, thanks. And I’m like you. I can barely put up with blood and death (and even then it must a very good movie for me to do so), but no horrors. I don’t like being scared. :)

          Thanks. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep much, but that’s because I suffer from insomnia. :( And I enjoy replying to all your comments, it’s always a pleasure to chat with my readers. :)

          • Janessa says

            Aw I’m so sorry to hear that! :[ If only I could help! I asked my teacher about insomnia and he said exercise, stress, diet, may affect it but that’s just the general reason but you probably know that already.

            Your package probably won’t arrive in time for Christmas, sadly, but I did ship it already. <3

            • beautifulwithbrains says

              Thank you. Exercise does help sometimes, but sadly not always. There are just some days when nothing seems so work. *sighs*

              And thank you so much! I wanted to send you a little something too, but I’ve been so busy lately that I don’t think it’ll be able to ship it in time for Christmas. I’m gonna try, but if not, consider it as a New Year’s Gift or something. 😉

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