New Collections: L’Occitane Marvellous Flowers & Magical Leaves Holiday 2012

In Provence, the mythical Fragrance Merchant is known as a magician of sorts thanks to his wondrous fragrance creations. Our legend takes place in December, on a cold winter’s night, when the Fragrance merchant joins his peers for the winter solstice celebrations. Their meeting point is on the edge of the forest, and the young man is the first to arrive.

Suddenly, his eyes are drawn to a ray of light and he steps into the thick undergrowth of the forest to find where it comes from. Little does he realise that with every step he takes, a trail of spring flowers blossoms in his wake. The dead leaves begin to turn green and nature starts to breathe life again. Suddenly, he spots a wild, thousand-year-old olive tree bathed in light amidst the oak trees.

The Fragrance merchant reaches for a gilded wooden wand lying at the foot of the tree but as he grasps it, the wand slips out of his hands and lodges into the trunk of the tree. Within moments, the tree is covered with young green shoots, releasing the scents of Verbena and Hazel. Soon the branches are enveloped in garlands of fragrant pink flowers. The legend of the perfumed forest spreads to the four corners of the world, telling folk everywhere of two new fragrant accords: Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves.

Isn’t that a lovely legend? And to get ourselves even more in the festive mood, L’Occitane has housed its new fragrances in precious, faceted bottles that reflect the shine and sparkle of Christmas. So, let yourself be spellbound by L’Occitane Holiday 2012 Collection. You know you want to.

Marvellous Flowers

Marvellous Flowers is a feminine and cheerful floral fruity fragrance, evoking the scent of rose and peony garlands as they burst into bloom, enhanced by sparkling and sweet red berries. The Eau de Toilette ($45.00) is packaged in an elegant bottle that would look great on your vanity. If you want to travel with it, instead, pick the Roll-On Eau de Toilette Intense ($20.00).

Matching body products are also available: the Shower Gel ($20.00) lathers into a rich foam for a relaxing shower; once out of the shower, apply the nourishing Body Cream ($36.00), or, if you want your skin to be both soft and shiny, the Shimmering Body Oil ($36.00); and to keep your hand in good condition, there’s also a Hand Cream ($10.00).

Don’t know which products to choose? Pick a set then. The Star Gift ($68.00) includes Marvellous Flowers Eau de Toilette 2.5 fl. oz, Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel 8.4 fl. oz, Marvellous Flowers Hand Cream 1 oz and Magical Flowers Soap 1.7 oz. The Voyage Kit ($20.00), instead, features Marvellous Flowers Hand Cream 1 oz, Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel 2.5 fl. oz and Marvellous Flowers Soap 1.7 oz.

Magical Leaves

Magical Leaves is a unisex, fresh and earthy fragrance with notes of verbena, citrus, hazelnut and vanilla. It is available in several forms: Eau De Toilette Spray ($20.00), a moisturizing Body Milk ($25.00), an Exfoliating Shower Gel ($20.00) enriched with crushed hazelnut shells, and a Hand Cream ($10.00) to keep your hands always soft and supple.

Gift sets are also available. You can pick between the Star Gift Set ($60.00), which features Magical Leaves Exfoliating Shower Gel 6.7 fl. oz, Magical Leaves Body Milk 8.4 fl. oz, Magical Leaves Hand Cream 1 oz, Magical Leaves Shower Gel 2.5 fl. oz and Magical Leaves Soap 1.7 oz; and the Voyage Kit ($20.00), which includes Magical Leaves Hand Cream 1 oz, Magical Leaves Shower Gel 2.5 fl. oz and Magical Leaves Soap 1.7 oz.

The collections are already available at L’ Aren’t they adorable?

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  1. Janessa says

    Pretty! I love love love the holidays. Sigh, I’m celebrating Christmas (sort of) already. I’m in the Christmas spirit at least and I’m planning to make a gingerbread house and I’m planning most of the gifts and cards I’ll be sending (not that much though).

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, very pretty indeed. :)

      Oh that gingerbread house sounds awesome. And your holiday comments always put me in a Christmas mood too. I feel like I should start decorating the house for the holidays now. :)

      • Janessa says

        You should! Because that makes it seem like you’re celebrating Christmas time already. Like it’s one grand holiday and because two days (Eve and Day) isn’t enough.

        • beautifulwithbrains says

          I agree that it’s not enough. :) It’s just past midnight here and I need to finish replying to comments before bed, but tomorrow I’m going to take out my decorations and start putting them up. :)

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