Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.49

Hello everyone,

ready for another week of random ramblings? Let’s get started then:

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is one of my favourite chick-lit movies and not only because there is so much pink in it (I’m a sucker for everything pink) lol. It’s a very empowering story. When bimbo Elle Woods is dumped by her boyfriend Warner because she’s not “serious” enough, she decides to follow him to Harvard Law School and show him what she’s capable of. Although everyone makes fun of her and underestimates her, she works hard to do well in her class and succeeds.

And she does so by remaining herself. Elle shows us that women can be both beautiful and smart and can achieve whatever they set their minds to. The story is both inspirational and funny and the musical even more so. I’ve seen it a couple of years ago in London starring Sheridan Smith and Duncan James (who were, just like the rest of the cast, absolutely amazing) and I couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end. Do go to see it if you can or watch bits of it on youtube. You’ll love it.

What I’m Reading Now

A Strange Disappearance by Anna Katherine Green. Green was one of the first American women to write detective stories. Although I really wanted to like this book, I couldn’t. A young woman disappears from the house of a rich man, Mr Blake. The housekeeper hires detectives to find her, but, although desperately worried for the victim, she doesn’t seem too willing to collaborate with them. In the meantime, Blake starts acting in a weird way and a painting of the victim is found in his room. What’s the connection? Although the mystery itself is interesting, it isn’t that well-executed. Too many things are discovered by accident or with really crappy excuses that wouldn’t fool anyone. Also, although we’re told that Gryce is the best investigator ever, he doesn’t seem to do anything. It’s his assistant, who is narrating the story, who does most of the investigation and, although often lucky, is quite good at it. Overall, I found the story too predictable and at times, a bit too far-fetched. But I’m still curious to read more books by author.

The Links

Derm TV reveals what the best shaving technique for women is.

Lab Muffin explains how to make a gentle but effective glycerin nail polish remover.

Future Derm wonders if steam is beneficial for your skin?

Bois De Jasmine shares some holiday gift ideas for perfume lovers.

The Chemist Corner talks about the pros and cons of silicones.

Sunday Survey, Vol.128

1. Has your luggage ever been lost?
Luckily, not yet. I like to travel lightly with only a small trolley or a large bag (depending on where I go and how long I’ll be away) so that I can keep it always near me and reduce the risk of something getting lost.

2. Favourite perfume notes?
I like rich oriental and woody notes such as amber, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver.

3. What time is it?
1:10 pm.

4. Kindle vs Nook?
Kindle, all the way!

5. What do you think of clip-on earrings?
I think they are a great alternative for those who don’t have ear holes, but I’m always scared they may fall off unnoticed at any time and thus get lost.

It’s your turn now!
1. Has your luggage ever been lost?
2. Favourite perfume notes?
3. What time is it?
4. Kindle vs Nook?
5. What do you think of clip-on earrings?

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  1. says

    1. Has your luggage ever been lost? Never…but I’m always traveling with this fear
    2. Favourite perfume notes? Leather, gardenia, musk & amber
    3. What time is it? 6:17 pm
    4. Kindle vs Nook? none for me
    5. What do you think of clip-on earrings? I never wear them, probably because I’m associating them with old women, cause I saw my grandmother always wearing them.
    Tavia´s last blog post ..Essence Alice Had a Vision Again Nail Polish – Review, Photos & SwatchesMy Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Tavia, I’m always scared my luggage is going to get lost too so I bring with me only what’s strictly necessary. :)

  2. Lily says

    1. Has your luggage ever been lost?
    – No, but I’m always a little afraid it’ll happen!
    2. Favourite perfume notes?
    – I don’t really have enough experience with perfume to have any favourite notes.
    3. What time is it?
    – 00:29 am
    4. Kindle vs Nook?
    – None
    5. What do you think of clip-on earrings?
    – I don’t really have an opinion on them. I don’t have pierced ears, but I think
    I had a pair of clip-on earrings when I was a child.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Lily, I had a pair of clip-on earrings too as I child but I had forgotten all about them until you mentioned them lol. I wonder what happened to them…

  3. says

    1. It was once 3 hours late!!! It had been put on the *next* flight by mistake. Waiting 3 hours at the airport wasn’t fun! I needed my luggage for a presentation the next morning and ended up going to bed at about 2am having to get up at 6am :(
    2. Citrus, aquatic & white floral.
    3. 10:35
    4. Neither.
    5. I do have a few very nice pairs but I too am afraid to lose them so I rarely wear them.
    Icaria´s last blog post ..My favorite blogs / Part 1My Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, what an ordeal! At least it arrived in time for your presentation, but still, they should be more careful!

  4. says

    1. Has your luggage ever been lost?
    Not yet, knock on wood!
    2. Favourite perfume notes?
    honeyed florals!
    3. What time is it?
    I refuse to look at the time and face the fact that soon it won’t be the weekend anymore.
    4. Kindle vs Nook?
    hmm Kindle! I actually haven’t tried either one, so I wouldn’t know hahaha
    5. What do you think of clip-on earrings?
    The ones I have from Taiwan are great, but they’re a combination of clip-on and screw-on (lot less painful than it sounds and also very effective).
    Makeup Morsels´s last blog post ..You Need This | The Candle that Melted My Heart and Took All My MoneyMy Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, that sounds painful indeed but also intriguing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them here.

  5. Janessa says

    I like that movie! The musical seems comical 😀 Eek! I don’t like detective stories too much since they can be scary. I don’t like scary books :o.
    1. Nope, luckily!
    2. I don’t know what my favorite scent is, yet! I don’t like super sweet scents the best and just fruity doesn’t cut it. I will have to find that one out. :]
    3. 7:38PM
    4. Kindle and I’ve researched both for a while. I want a Kindle 😮
    5. I don’t like them because my ear lobe feels suffocated or I’m afraid it will pinch me.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, you do have to go and see the musical if you can. It’s hilarious and even better than the musical. :)

  6. Viv says

    1. Has your luggage ever been lost?
    No – but I did lose the key to my Delsey case on arriving on honeymoon!! NOT funny, as it might be portrayed in a film! We spent the first day of our honeymoon in beautiful Firenze searching for a Delsey dealer who (luckily) were able to provide us with a replacement set of keys completely free of charge :)
    2. Favourite perfume notes?
    Citrus and ozone.
    3. What time is it?
    22:24. Should go to bed!
    4. Kindle vs Nook?
    Kindle, but that’s because I have no experience of Nook, so probably not qualified to comment!
    5. What do you think of clip-on earrings?
    Dont’ like them. Only tried them before my first ear-piercings, aged fourteen, but memories are not good – they kept falling off in my (then) long hair.


    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Viv, oh no! What a way to start your honeymoon. But I’m glad everything turned out well in the end and I hope you had a wonderful time after that. :)

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