QOTW: When Do You Wash Your Hair?

When do you wash your hair?

Beautiful with brains says: I usually prefer to wash my hair early in the morning, but if I really don’t have the time for it, then I’ll do it when I come back home, just before dinner.

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  1. I usually wash it in the evening. I don’t like going to bed knowing I have to shower in the morning. I guess I’m rather lazy!

    • LaDamaBianca, quanto ti invidio che puoi lavarli solo due volte a settimana. I miei sono grassi e si sporcano subito.

    • Ana, I used to wash it in the afternoon too when I went to school. Now it’s more convenient to do it in the morning, but I actually miss it a bit. In the morning, you need to rush it. :)

    • Nikki, if you can save time in the morning or spend a few minutes more in bad by washing your hair after work, why not? :)

  2. In the evening or night though I do prefer morning just because my hair dries less unruly that way. When I sleep on wet hair, it goes wild. I don’t have time in the morning unless I wake up extra early.

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