Product Review: Orly Nail Polish in Prince Charming

Name: Nail Polish in Prince Charming
Brand: Orly
Size: 0.6oz
Price: $8.50

From SallyBeauty’s website:
Natural pearl for shine and durability
Streak-free coverage

What I liked:
– neutral shade, perfect for any occasion
– good colour payoff
– lovely texture, easy to apply, no streaks
– fast drying time

What I didn’t like:
– chips quickly

I don’t know about you, but when I think about Prince Charming, I think about a blue suit, gold embroidery, a red mantle, a white steed.. definitely not muddy greyish brown shades. These kind of shades may be pretty and wearable, but still I wouldn’t describe them as charming. So, I’m not sure what Orly were thinking when they named this chocolatey taupe with grey undertones and a shiny finish Prince Charming.. Mmmm

Prince Charming may fail to enchant you with its colour, but it will make you fall in love with its ease of application and fast drying time. The consistency, which is on the thinner side, glides smoothly on the nails, leaving behind an opaque layer of colour with just one coat (although I recommend you apply two for a richer, more vibrant effect) with no streaks. In a few minutes, it’s completely dry.

However, Prince Charming has commitment issues. He doesn’t seem to want to hang around long. The day after I had applied it, I could already see some tip wear. On day 4 I had to remove it cos the chipping was beginning to be quite evident. With a top coat, you can make it last for a couple more days, but still I was disappointed to see tip wear and chipping so soon when used on its own.

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Orly Nail Polish in Prince Charming is a greyish brown shade with a shiny finish, good colour payoff and a thin texture that applies easily without streaks. It dries fast but doesn’t last very long.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Janessa says

    Before I looked at the photo, I pictured a shimmery cool-toned blue with purple and royal blue shimmer. Even a little bit of silver in there because when I picture a prince, he’s beautiful and shiny 😀
    Sorry I’ve been so busy! The name should be “Need a Rinse Charming?” He must be some dirty prince to be so muddy in color. 😛
    I really admire how dedicated you are. You post daily and put so much time in your descriptions and reviews! You truly test out each product before you review it. Thank you.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, lol. What a great and appropriate name for such a muddy shade! I don’t know what they were thinking at Orly to name this shade Prince Charming.. who pictures a prince in this brown colour?! He must be dirty indeed lol. I love the shade you described, too bad they didn’t release something like that instead!

      Aww thank you. And don’t worry hun, just take it easy. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, I would have expected something blue too. This came with a magazine and when I looked at the name of the shade at the bottom of the bottle, I was kinda shocked to find it was called Prince Charming. Such an inappropriate name for a shade like this.

      I really like the formula of Orly polishes, but their lasting power is disappointing.

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