Product Review: Senna Voluptulash Mascara

Name: Voluptulash Mascara
Brand: Senna
Size: 10ml
Price: $22.00

From Senna’s website:
This luxurious mascara delivers dramatic, deep black, lusciously thick, and extravagantly long lashes in one stroke. The unique helix shaped brush coats and separates each lash for perfect definition and clump free wear. Hi-Tech polymers boost strength and volume of lashes and ensure long lasting and smudge-proof wear.

What I liked:
– adds length and volume to lashes and separates them
– holds a curl well
– longlasting, no smudging nor flaking
– thin, helix-shaped wand reaches every lash

What I didn’t like:
– it tends to clump lashes together a bit when you apply more than one coat
– you need to get the hang of the application technique to get the best results
– expensive

When it comes to mascaras, the technique you use to apply them can make a big difference. Applied in the usual, horizontal zig zag motion, Senna Voluptulash Mascara delivers little length and volume. But when you try the application technique suggested by Eugenia Weston, the makeup artist who founded Senna Cosmetics, the results are really impressive! So, what’s this technique like?

Basically, you first coat the lashes with the mascara wand held horizontally. Then, you tilt it vertically and use the wand tip like a windshield wiper side to side onto lash tips to super coat each lash. Go back to holding the wand horizontally at the base of the lashes and sweep it up to achieve separation.

Finally, lift lashes with the wand from the lash base and then press in toward your eyelid and push up as you glide the wand through lashes to increase volume. If that sounds confusing, watch the video below to see Eugenia putting this technique into practice:

The result? Lashes are a lot longer and quite thicker. The texture is on the thicker side too and tends to clump lashes together a bit when you apply more than one coat, but the wand, which has an unique helix-shape, does a nice job at separating them. The wand is also quite thin so it easily reaches and coats with a deep black colour every lash, even the tiniest ones.

Although Voluptulash doesn’t really curl lashes, it holds the curl from an eyelash curler quite well. And do you know how some mascaras can leave your lashes brittle and crunchy? This doesn’t do that. Instead, lashes feel quite soft for the entire day. That’s how long Voluptulash lasts, without smudging nor flaking, on me.

Available at:

Once you get the hang of the right technique to apply this mascara, Senna Voluptulash delivers long, thicker and defined lashes. The thin helix-shaped wand coats each lash with a deep black colour that stays put, without smudging nor flaking, from morning till night. However, it gets a bit clumpy if you apply more than one coat and is expensive.

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Icaria, I agree with you. Mascaras aren’t created equal indeed and the right application technique can really make a lot of difference.

  1. Janessa says

    This sounds like a great mascara. I don’t like crunchy lashes and I can’t have smudging or flaking! I disliked Senna makeup products the first time I tried them nearly three years ago but if they keep making great products, I just might test their products again.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, I’m sorry you had a bad experience with Senna products. I always thought they were very underrated. Sure, there are a couple of duds in the line, but overall, I’m impressed with the quality. This mascara does its job really well too.

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