Know Your Ingredients: Aluminum Chlorohydrate

aluminum chlorohydrate

What it is
Aluminum Chlorohydrate is a salt.

What it does
Aluminum Chlorohydrate is often used in antiperspirants to reduce perspiration and unpleasant odours.

Side effects
Aluminum Chlorohydrate can cause irritations if used on abraded skin.


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  1. Is aluminum chlorohydrate bad to wear? I’ve read that it’s not good and I’ve read that it’s safe. What are your thoughts?

    • Janessa, I’ve read that some people are concerned it may cause cancer but science hasn’t found a link between the two yet and so doctors claim it is safe. Personally, I only use it in moderation, alternating deodorants with it to those who are free of it instead. I don’t think we should worry yet, but reducing its use may be a good idea, just in case, until further studies will reveal more.

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