QOTW: Do You Always Use An Eyeshadow Primer Before Applying Eyeshadow?

Do you always use an eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow?

Beautiful with brains says: yes. I have oily lids and there’s no way eyeshadows would last all day on me without a base. My favourite primer is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. And occasionally, when I want to achieve that beautiful, vibrant, foiled look, I’ll also use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

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    • Ana, I agree. They help a lot at improving color payoff.

      Oh no, what a shame! The packaging is the only thing I dislike about the artdeco primer. I wish it came in a tube or something, it’d be much more convenient.

  1. The Too Faced is soo tempting but I’ve always used concealer. Ages ago when I was a makeup artist, there where no good primers out there so concealer was the thing to use to create a neutral “canvas”. Now my lids are not as oily but I’m still tempted. :D

    • Icaria, I’ve tried concealer but it has never worked well for me. After a few hours, eyeshadows started to crease again. But I’m glad it works so well for you!

    • La Bisbetica, I wish so too. I hate having to deal with Italian customs. I don’t really mind having to pay a fee, it’s the fact that they send you so many forms to fill in, and then take weeks, if not months, to send you the package that really annoys me…

  2. Yes, always. Usually Urban Decay. I do find that the primer included with the Suqqu palettes usually works fine too. Otherwise my eye colour is gone much too quickly!

    • Viv, I have the same the problem too when I don’t use a primer. I haven’t tried Suqqu’s but UD’s primer is one of my favourites. It works so well!

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