QOTW: Would You Use These Makeup Continuity Stickers?

makeup continuity stickers

Would You Use These Makeup Continuity Stickers?

Beautiful with brains says: while surfing the net, I came across these makeup continuity stickers. These white stickers, which retail at $12.50 for a pack of 36, have spaces where you can write what products and shades you used on each part of your face.

They are designed for makeup artists to use on the set of movies for continuity. This way, MUAs can record the look they have created for each actor/actress and reproduce it when needed again.

I’m not a MUA, but I think these stickers would also be pretty handy to beauty bloggers or anyone who wants to be able to recreate a look they really liked. When I do a look I know I’m going to publish on the blog I’m always writing down every product I used and the steps I did, but these stickers would make the process simpler and more organised.

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