Product Review: Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Fragrance

Name: Gorgeous Gardenia
Brand: Flora by Gucci
Size: 1.6oz
Price: $70.00

What I liked:
– if you like sweet fruity scents, this is for you
– elegant bottle

What I didn’t like:
– if candy sweet scents make you nauseous, stay away from this one
– name is misleading as you can’t really smell the gardenia in it
– completely unoriginal and unremarkable
– poor staying power
– the price

Gorgeous Gardenia is part of the new Flora by Gucci Garden Collection, a bouquet of scents inspired by the House’s iconic Flora pattern. Each scent in the collection – Glorious Mandarin, Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia and Generous Violet – is based on one of the blossoms included in the famous scarf. While the idea is intriguing, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve already reviewed Gracious Tuberose, which is one of the most insipid scents I’ve ever tried, and Gorgeous Gardenia is even worse.

First of all, from a perfume named Gorgeous Gardenia, you would expect the gardenia to be pretty obvious, right? Well, if there’s some in it, I can’t detect it at all. Not a whiff. Either the gardenia note is really subtle or is blended so closely with the other notes that it’s impossible to distinguish it. In any case, to me this is a big fail. So, if it doesn’t smell like gardenia, what does it smell like then? Sugar.

Although marketed as a fruity floral scent, it is actually a sweet fruity one. The florals barely make an appearance. At first, all you can smell is a powerful burst of sugar. That’s the pear and berries. Here, they are so sweet to the point of causing nausea. Unless of course you like to smell like candy, in which case you’ll love this scent. When the sweetness settles down a bit, a very light, generic floral note makes its appearance. The drydown is a blend of sugar and patchouli.

I can see Gorgeous Gardenia appealing to younger women with a penchant for fruity gourmand scents. It’s a girly scent, not a womanly one. And unfortunately it doesn’t last long either. After the overpowering top notes have faded away, the scent becomes quite subtle so only those very close to you will be able to smell it. And 5 hours later, it’s all gone. Overall, Gorgeous Gardenia is just another indistinguishable fruity scent with a misleading name, short staying power, and an overpriced price tag.

Available at: amazon and escentuals

Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Fragrance is a candy sweet fruity scent with barely any gardenia in it. Although some people may find it pleasant, there is nothing at all remarkable about it and it doesn’t last that long either.

Rating: 2.5/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Xin, it’s a shame indeed. I expected better considering this is Gucci and the price tag so high. But the bottle is very pretty indeed. ):)

  1. Janessa says

    The packaging reminds me of Guess’ because of the pink color and black in a clear boxy bottle. Too bad the perfume doesn’t live up to it’s name. It’s also a good thing in that it makes the unique ones all the better.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Janessa, I hadn’t considered it that way, but I guess that’s true. It’s a shame that they had to mess up so badly with this though.

  2. Lautje says

    I have the opposite opinion. I adore this fragrance. It’s very feminine and guys love it. I always get the question which frangrance I’m wearing. I am getting it tomorrow again for christmas as it is running out. It’s my favorite fragrance. Downside is that its really expensive but Sephora has always discounts on fragrances (at least here in Amsterdam).

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Lautje, I’m glad you like the scent and it’s great that you can get it at a discount. Fragrances are very subjective. This one smells nice and I can really see why it appeals to those who like sweet fruity gourmand scents. My problem with it is that it is neither original nor longlasting enough for the price (not to mention that this is not the floral gardenia scent you’d expect from the name and press release). Had it been cheaper, I may have given it a higher rating, but as it is, I don’t believe it is worth the $70 Gucci is asking for it.

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