New Collection: Nars & Andy Warhol Pop Collection Holiday 2012 (Sephora Exclusive)

In an exclusive collaboration, NARS and Sephora go bold, bright, and POP with Andy Warhol!

Andy said: “Pop art is about liking things.” Like flowers. Soap. Money. Celebrities. Warhol loved silk screens because if you get the picture right, you can make more just the same. But in a range of colors – something different every time. Andy said, “I use mostly artificial color.” If you’re not trying to be real you don’t have to get it right. That’s art.

Flowers 1: white, brown rose, dark lavender, and gold against a shimmering lavender grey background and black overspray
Flowers 2: white and heather blue against a shimmering lavender grey background and black overspray
Flowers 3: white, pink champagne, and dark brown against a shimmering lavender grey background and black overspray

This beautiful palette features 4 eyeshadow shades in white shimmer, sparkling turquoise, starry black, twinkling purple, and 2 blush shades in brilliant cream and shimmering pink champagne.

KISS GIFT SET ($55.00)
This set features five Larger Than Life Lipgloss shades: Silver Factory (aluminum), Drella (ultra-sheer hot pink), Chelsea Girls (flesh-toned beige), Blue Movie (pink sherbet) and Myths (rosy pink).

The set features Silver Factory Illuminator (aluminum), It Nail Polish (black violet) and Orgasm Larger Than Life Lipgloss (peachy pink with golden shimmer).

I’m in love with the palettes, all 4 of them. They are so gorgeous and artsy! They (and the rest of the collection) will be available exclusively at Sephora from 1st October.

Are you excited?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, it’s a gorgeous collection, isn’t it? And that’s how I feel too. I love it when art inspires makeup. The palettes apparently aren’t that good according to the reviews I’ve read, but they’re still beautiful little works of art.

  1. Viv says

    Oh, this is gorgeous – I love these flowers, particularly Flowers 3! I’ve not bought much makeup/bothered with it much, as my soon-to-be-fifteen son was very very ill over the summer. He’s recovering now, and I’m beginning to get interested again!! (He had a ruptured appendix that wasn’t spotted for two days – he was in hospital – and I think we are lucky to still have him!!)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Viv, those are beautiful palettes indeed.

      I’m so sorry to hear that, how awful! You must all have been so scared but I hope he’s fully recovered now. I send my best wishes to him and all of you.

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