Product Review: Essence Rebels Lip & Cheek Pot in Peach Punk

Name: Rebels Lip & Cheek Pot in Peach Punk
Brand: Essence
Size: 7g
Price: €2,99

From Essence’s website:
The small size is so practical, you can take the cheek & lip pot along wherever you go and conjure-up a beautiful, peach touch on your cheeks and lips.

What I liked:
– good color payoff
– creamy consistency, glides on smoothly
– provides a natural and healthy flush to the cheeks
– lasts long on the cheeks
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– dries lips and emphasizes their imperfections
– staying power on the lips is average
– packaging is not hygienic

I know I’m late to the party. Essence Rebels is a limited edition collection released last month and I think it’s already sold out in many places, but the counter in my little town still had a few bits and bobs from it (which I didn’t really expect because usually Essence LE collections sell out really fast here) when I visited it last Friday. And that’s when I picked up the Rebels Lip & Cheek Pot.

Although I’m not too fond of this type of packaging, even though it looks cute, because I hate having to apply products with my fingers, I nevertheless find it hard to resist multi-tasking products, especially when they are really inexpensive (it only costs €2,99!). Besides, I can always use a brush to apply it. Either way, it glides on smoothly thanks to its creamy consistency.

Peach Punk looks a very bright and scary orange in the pot, but don’t let that fool ya. On the cheeks, it translates into a pretty and wearable orangey peachy shade with an almost matte finish. It makes cheeks look naturally flushed and healthy, but not dull. Because Peach Punk has good colour payoff, a little bit will go a long way.

But of course if you prefer a brighter pop of colour, you can always apply a second layer. I used it on its own, without setting it with powder, and it lasted about 8 hours on me before it started to fade. Keep in mind, though, that my cheeks are dry so all types of blushes tend to last long on me.

Although I love Peach Punk as a blush, as a lip product it leaves a lot to be desired. The subtle peachy hue it gives them is very pretty, and would be perfect for summer, if only the product didn’t emphasize every little flaw! And it gets worse. It also feels quite drying on the lips and fades from them within an hour and a half. I didn’t have any of these problems when using it as a blush, so I was really bummed it performed so poorly on the lips!

Available at: Essence counters

Essence Rebels Lip & Cheek Pot in Peach Punk has a creamy and pigmented consistency that provides a bautiful and natural pop of peachy colour on the cheeks that lasts for the entire day. Although it can also be used on the lips, I wouldn’t recommend doing so because it dries them and emphasize imperfections.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. says

    It’s really pretty, and I agree with Janessa. I’d buy it just to use it as blusher. It’s kind of unhygienic for my to dip my fingers in and use it for two purposes…heck it’s unhygienic, period. But I could use a brush too, like you said–but then I’m lazy! Haha!

    So sad that it doesn’t work very well for lips, but I find that’s the tendency with any sort of lip & cheek product almost. :S
    Chriselle Sy´s last blog post ..Hyaluronic Acid as a Fountain of Youth?My Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Chriselle, I agree about the packaging. It’s not hygienic at all. I use it only as a blush so my fingers will do (I’m lazy too lol), but otherwise I recommend applying it with a brush.

      And that’s so true. I actually think that most multitasking products work well for one thing only and do anything else quite poorly..

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Kumiko, I bought a drugstore in my town called Smoll. And their polishes are lovely indeed. :)

  2. says

    I love how it looks on your wrist…and I personally don’t mind a big round pot (since having a bunch of products, that I would never finish up anyway, makes me really happy). I don’t think it’s coming to US though, since we only get 1-2 LE every year nowadays…
    Citrine´s last blog post ..Revlon Neon Nail Art DuosMy Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Citrine, it’s a shame you get so few LE. This one, Rebels, wasn’t anything special though. This product was the only thing I liked from it. The color is very pretty and works very well as a blush.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Mylanqolia, they look similar don’t they? The Pout Polishes are much better quality though. I love of the Essence one works as a blush, but it is so disappointing as a lip product!

  3. Meshmesha says

    That seems nice really , but I don’t think I can find it in the small town I live in :\( I live in Egypt BTW ) the only LE of Essence which are still available here are The 50’s girl & the Twilight ones …They sell really fast here too :(

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