QOTW: Do You Ever Buy Beauty Products To Feel Better?

Do you ever buy beauty products to feel better?

Beautiful with brains says: nope. I do feel better when I buy beauty products (and clothes/shoes/accessories lol), but I don’t go shopping for them when I’m feeling down. I did it a few times in the past and it made me feel good for a little while, until I realised that I had purchased quite a few products that weren’t that good or didn’t suit me. Shopping when you’re feeling miserable can cheer you up, but you’re not really in the right mind to make the best purchase decisions. At least, I’m not. :)


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    • Vonvon, shopping always makes us feel better, but it feels even better when we find a bargain, doesn’t it? You’re so lucky that your local Boots have such great deals!

  1. Heck yes…actually my blog started this way (I was too stressed out from school and the school job) so whenever I am off from work, I went to CVS (conveniently located at right across the street) and start browsing and ended up with a bunch of stuff I don’t need. On the bright side, most stuff I haul were cheap…
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    • Citrine, I love to hear stories of how blogs are born. And you always find the best deals, lucky you!

  2. I’m with you, Gio! While I don’t buy beauty products to pick me up when I’m down, they do make me feel better in general. That’s sort of the point. ;)

  3. No I don’t buy them to cheer up. I’ll pick up beauty items only if they’re a good deal (sale or promotions) or if I need an item. I’ll put on some makeup or play around with products to cheer me up sometimes.

    • Janessa, I play with makeup to cheer me up too, but shopping no. It’s a great pick-me-up too and you don’t risk ending up with something you won’t use. :)

    • Paris, what a wonderful idea! That way you feel better and don’t end up with anything you won’t like. I shall try and do the same. :)

  4. I’d like to think that I don’t, but in all honesty yes, I probably do! I don’t think I’ve ever ended up with anything that I didn’t really want though, and would probably have bought anyway :) Viv x

    • Viv, that’s great that you always buy products you want anyway. I wish I was able to do that too but have often bought products I didn’t need and use much, which made me realise that shopping when I’m feeling down isn’t really a great idea for me. :)

  5. yes and no, I have a wishlist, so if I need something to pick me up, I’ll reach out for those first.

    if those in the wishlist don’t appeal to me, then i’ll pick something like a blush/lipstick/ nail polish in a colour that i would use and not terribly expensive, just in case i hate the formula/ texture!
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    • Plue, having a wishlist is a great idea. That way, you buy something that you’ve always wanted and it’s easier to avoid disappointments.

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